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  1. Sorry for my late answer, Apparently, other languages have grammatical differences ... in German it's very simple, it's a lie ... I'm interested in the statement that a multiple of 0.00x is a winner ... with a win of 1 cent, I'm a winner , Yeah right. i can say nothing about Congratulations.... But Nothing remains nothing, no "congratulations" change anything about it. two opposites, two different events for me. first 0,00 you have a loss, second 0,01 Congratulation, little but you win.
  2. SLOTS: 36,870,121,717 placed by ToTaLMineR on 24/02/2021 Wagered 0.25270000 Multiplier 48x Profit 11.87690000
  3. @dupeddonk I think you don´t know what i mean, translation differences or so. In Germany is Win, a think that you can become... And no one can give you nothing and say gratulation..... No Profit = No Win 0,00 = nothing when they payout 0,01 thats a Win, no Profit but a Win, they can says this with Congratulations (sarcasm): CONGRATULATION you Won $0,00 in BTC for Post on this topic ... have fun with Zero Satoshi... for your logic this is o.k.???
  4. i love the Vault from Stake, you can better control your gambling sessions.....
  5. I'm only interested in the wrong statement ... for example @bonus buy, the Congratulation for my 0.00 Win is not nice ... Push Gaming have nice Games with fun factor .... Fat Santa give me € 662 @ € 20 bonus buy but @ this moment feeling like Blackjack loss and the dealer says "congratulation you win 0.00" ....
  6. everytime my Wife.... i dont can understand, how you can ask this
  7. Previously the Novomatic and Merkur slots my first choice. But no longer available in my place of residence. Other providers are ok, but are not comparable to the random and fair play of these two... So is my answer, Stake Originals, like Scarab Spin!!!
  8. yes, but this is the different, Nolimit Slots say "oh no", anouther Provider say: Sorry, good luck next time... but Push Gaming say everytime Congratulations.... sorry I don't have any examples because 0.00 is very rare in the bonus game, i only have 3 Times seen a 0,00 payout on Bonusgame... two Times in Push Gaming in 2021, one times 12 years ago i think 2009, Provider i don´t know
  9. Nothing is Nothing you cannot say you won, for give nothing. Congrats? for what? Congratulations you win 0.01 is o.k., but 0.00 is a lie, you win nothing.
  10. the best everytime from Stake Originals, Scarab Spins...... -The Dog House -Midas Golden Touch -Sword of Khans -Fat Santa -Mystery Museum -Legacy of Dead
  11. -Fat Santa -Mystery Museum -Legacy of Dead -Midas Golden Touch -Sword of Khans -The Dog House
  12. First Sorry for my Bad English, hope everyone understand me. Today I watched Eddi's stream, he experienced the same thing at Push Gaming as I did. At the end of the bonus game it says: Congratulations, you have won $ 0.00 ... I think sorry would be better, or don't you think so??? here i a screenshot from my 0.00 @ Fat Rabbit (Push Gaming), I forgot in which game Eddi this happened, only knows push gaming
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