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  1. I don't even remember how it was called, because I was too small at that time. I only remember that I was playing on a old console, I was a cat which had to run from a dog, by catching him in the traps. This was so long ago, that I can remember only these details. I am playing online games only now. League of Legends is my favourite, I transferred from dota and had to buy lol account https://www.lolfinity.com/ to play at a higher level, because I was already familiarized with the game from watching the some streams.
  2. And you did, he lost! Don't know really how that happened, but Russia hackers are not that good as CBS says and other news channels. After David Icke channel was banned don’t ave desire to watch more and listen to other conspiracy theorists. Seriously for over two years I was involved in such videos. It just blew up my mind with all the lie we live in. I had to use https://kratommystic.com for all previous year because of lockdown and new vaccines that are bullocks and something not related to what is pictured on our screens.
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