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  1. Christmas has been .... hmmm let me think, its the 7th month in a row I have lost my pay check. Guess I have a problem As long as my cat has food and is happy I am ok... Kinda. 🙅‍♂️
  2. I wish everyone good luck and may the luckiest luckyboy/girl win. Username on Stake: abdi420 ❤️
  3. Congratz man, not a normal win, its quite special... feel hugged
  4. Doge, at least it makes you feel rich. Even tho its dogshit.
  5. I dont have myself under control, if I lose big in a short amount of time = I just yolo my balance like in FULLTILT mode. But thats just because im a retard
  6. Liverpool obviously. Easiest money I have ever gotten.
  7. well, im here to get to 10 posts asap in order to get rich asap. not
  8. I know you from primedice u sexy lil beast
  9. There is no strategy to win on dice, like come on.... in the end its all luck, try to educate yourselves bois You have to choose yourself what works for you and stick to it.
  10. jamming jars dude, its always been #1 big wins = normal
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