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  1. Bankroll management is always key, my friend. Always set a stop loss point
  2. All in all, I still think this is a great step towards online live dealer craps. But, I still stand by that fixing this would make the experience much more better
  3. However, in one of their shortcut keys instruction, they placed a shortcut for removing all of your bets. So I still think removals is intended to be in game?
  4. Hi, I was just playing live craps by evolution gaming. What I realised is I cannot add or remove place bets, which I should be able to. This is always happening on the next roll after you placed your bets. So for example, you put place bets, a roll happens, after that you cant remove the place bets from the previous rolls. This bug is a dealbreaker for me. Also, apparently this bug is also noticed by other people shown in other forums like Reddit. I hope with this post that the bugs could be noticed by the moderators and forwarded to evolution gaming.
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