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  1. Dontbelate2 Give me luck one more time pls
  2. Woww. Did you raise the winning amount until now. Thats 50k$ insane.
  3. Dontbelate2 is mine. Good luck
  4. HILO: 40,886,608,192 placed by dontbelate2 on 09/04/2021 Wagered 0.00005000 Multiplier 5.392451x Profit 0.00021962
  5. HELLO WOLRD You guys need to try this strat . Its better than i thought. Start 40k sts and profit 100k+ Thanks Mistaker
  6. You are amazing bro. Could you share more strategy please? I always lost status.
  7. I was at Gold from 2019 to end of 2020. And up from Gold to PL4 in 4 days of 2021 Account: Dontbelate2 No money to up level now. LMAO
  8. Started play on Stake since 2017 with first account name remenber Then 2018 change to dontbelate 2019-2020 change to dontbelate2 2021 change to dontbelate3 Lol but luck is somewhere i can not touch. Biggest profit was 35k $ in 2 days. But biggest lose was 45k in 3 days after the win Sad story
  9. I havent joined all of them but TCK is most funniest in the world Lmao
  10. I lost alot of bet with 0.5 point even under or over total points. Example sport:6062252
  11. You could wager 100x your balance with 1.01 in dice. Im sure with it. I also tried to wager 15k$ with 150$ last week.
  12. You could run script in long time. Thats surely your luck. I run script a year ago but after got over 1000x on 99x it busted my bal. I quit script from that time. I dont trust any strategies.
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