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  1. nikathewad green color this week awesome setup Eddie!
  2. grats mate, don't forget to claim reloads
  3. Hello everyone this is nikathewad from Stake, im on the chat up to 10 hours per day. Moderators are needed to maintain the wellbeing of the chat room, keep the rules not violated and restrict users from speaking if necessary. French community is constantly growing and in need of moderator that can help people but also can see through people that are here for the bad reasons. I would be honored to join the mod team to prevent any wrong doing. I believe i got muted once few hours by @remyfifi1 after shouting omg in caps and one time for wrong bet id during TG challenges. I do have some experience in moderating in the past on different platforms such as livestreaming and forums. Kindly
  4. nikathewad orange is the lucky color this week welcome back Eddie 🙂
  5. nikathewad Lucky color : orange
  6. casino:59676657784 cannot use the picture thing it says im in private mode but im not
  7. nikathewad orange lucky color Jelena most kind person
  8. Eddie plays stake originals, last 3 number of the bet id will determine the winner with the # of the special saturday stream thread if bet id would be casino:xxxxxxxx081 i would won
  9. nikathewad Indigo is the lucky color
  10. nikathewad Good luck everyone, welcome back home Eddie! Smaragdine color !
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