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  1. So I've been watching youtubers get 1000x wins and 620x a lot I can't seem to get anything close to that I need help from you guys to tell me what bet I should make and how many bets are good for a somewhat of a good win I usually start my sessions with 500 euro a day sometimes 1500 but every day nearly i depo 500 and try to run it up what bets should I make to turn out in profit from plinko I will try each one of your strategies and if I profit from one I'll make sure to tip you 5% of the profit
  2. yes i have always played on 20 lines and i never ever got a good bonus on there i might change it up to 10 and give it a shot
  3. around 280 spins and 1 bonus which paid 20x other than that only losses this happens all the time to me on this slot i just want to see what others think
  4. ive done over 50k bets on plinko with bets like 10-100$ and never hit a 1000x only once a 130x on high risk
  5. never even hit 130x even tho ive gambled more then 50k worth of plinko
  6. Simeon1300


    Yeah I'll definitely enjoy that
  7. I usually deposit 500 a week and play 100$ Hands on bj if I make it to 1000 I go on dice and play 150 bets with 150e on 95% I've had some wins and losses but it's overall pretty good
  8. I've got 33 but I'll not one ticket is needed I know people with 400,000 tickets but yeh if it's your lucky day it'll happen even if you have 2 tickets
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