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  1. CC33 in game <333 #Team Mirela let's gooooo
  2. +1 for the private messaging Sorry but i Don't resonate with the rest
  3. +1 just don't fuck up the odds again please
  4. interesting, but I don't think likely to happen
  5. Try with 5% inc on loss 1.6 dec on win
  6. Anyone has any strategy or technique/analysis? This seems pretty useless as a post tbh
  7. First bonuses were flooded by people claiming them. So the coupons were used up before you could get a share of the pizza. Every coupon can be redeemed only 1000 times, before it becomes obsolete.
  8. Ok so let me get this straight. If i understand correctly, 90% of the people under this post aren't VIPs. Going from there, non-VIPs are essentially complaining about the fact that Stake isn't being more generous with its prizes and what not. Why should they though? As far as I'm concerned : 1. You guys will leave the casino space within the next month, as soon as the prizes have been given out. 2. Wagering anything less than 10k is peanuts, and have seen it done with as low as 10$ 3. Stake is a casino, not a charity. By giving out those bonuses, they ensure l
  9. EOS, TRX, XRP In that order, don't @ me Thanks ❤
  10. Ain't that the truth 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Choice is simple after that; Reds or hodl :') Happy holidays and best of luck
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