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  1. I think personally a lot of people would sell it. Maybe drive it one time to just say you did it and then sell it. I would hate to know the taxes on it and the insurance of being a driver would be. I mean if you were already a millionaire and money wasn’t a factor for you then probably would keep it but in real reality it would be to just sell it.
  2. I personally love reading magic books. I am a magic performer myself so I love reading about other famous magicians and their techniques as well as like reading about different types of illusions and the history behind certain tricks and how they were created. I love this topic as well. I really enjoy reading myself.
  3. I mean who isn’t excited!! I so can’t wait. This site is totaly amazing and I am so glad to be apart of it. The best support around and the best games in the industry. Hope everyone has a blessed day. Good luck staking.
  4. I always try and just let my mind be at ease and just be in a quiet place and zone to where I can just totally focuse. Put yourself in a place where there won’t be any distractions and just focus and really study what you are doing.
  5. Yea I agree with you 100% on that. I feel like if your goi to place a parlay maybe make it just a 2 or 3 solid teamer that way your odds are a little bit better than obviously trying to go for a long shot.
  6. To me personally I really like both systems. My choice would probably be PlayStation because they have a better selective choice of games when it comes to exclusives. The controller is also really nice to me where as Xbox always seems like they keep the same controller and don’t switch up anything.
  7. So if I were to win the lambo I would for sure take the cash value. By the time you add the insurance to the car and registration your already big time in debt. I love sports cars but some of them are just only dreams unless your already a millionaire.
  8. I know that I have wagered a ton this week but I also know that I have also lost a ton and don’t feel like I have profited anything at all. I’ve been on a really bad streak and I hope that can change this coming week. I really need a miracle to happen. Good luck to all stakers!!
  9. Hello streamers I am curious on what is the best platform to use when watching streamers. I know a lot of people use twitch and some use Facebook I was wondering what is another popular platform to use or to watch professional streamers.
  10. Which do you sports bettors prefer to place and why? I am a more in-game sports bettor straight wagers but is it better to place small parlays?
  11. I think that unfortunately it is all over for Donald Trump. I think he did pretty good in office but Ofcourse others want another democrat in office who is wanting to shit down the world.
  12. I like manual betting because I think autobet isn’t more fixed on the casinos end. When playing dice I always am doing manual bets.
  13. I have enough tickets that I still won’t be a winner and don’t ever plan on it.
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