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  1. This was written to be credited yesterday . . .
  2. Username: ccc222 I am begger110 on twitch haha GL
  3. haha your saying its a given. Well normally yes but because this sites new and the giveaways/competitions from the start, theres not enough bets for me to think, "nah using past bets is def cheating" am i still blacklisted lol
  4. It was not said past bet id's were not allowed. Or specify a range of allowed bet id's, how were we suppose to know was "cheating" or not even allowed.
  5. Ohhh for the Hi Lo wow. I only did this because I saw no rule saying "only bets after _____" and then a minimum bet ID. This isnt on either of the giveaway OP posts so I did not think this was not allowed. I thought any bet id was allowed because there was no written rule about this. The only thing that was forbidden and written was the use of multi accounting "Only one account per person. If we find you violate that condition you might get banned from all future giveaways!" If there was a BET ID limit this should have been written with this ^ I did not see it as cheating nor did i try to cheat. Honestly though this is such a big headache. Its not worth the frustration. .002btc not worth the frustration for this....
  6. I had 19 cards and I submitted in the right format on both forums and i wasnt even given the .001. What did i do wrong.
  7. Username: ccc222Bet ID: Hilo:411,393
  8. Username: ccc222Bet ID: Hilo:405,456
  9. Stake's First Compliment Topic: The Private messages being in their own separate inbox where each conversation is saved and separated is just what Primedice needed! I've had many many amazing and priceless conversations with people in pm's already. Like real legit conversation with some awesome people. Stake has done really well In organizing the private messages and the look of everything. Its all user friendly and visually appealing. I cant believe i didn't realize it sooner, only when i started really chatting with people one on one did I begin to notice the detail that makes chatting really pleasant! I am glad for these details, dont think those pm conversations would have been nearly as awesome without them. I see now Stake has been made to really focus on community which is really nice, different, and considerate! Taken the strengths that were in pd and made them stronger here. I've begun to see more of what you guys were aiming for, and have new respect for this place. Hoping more for its success now! Hard work has its value and its beginning to show in this place! Very Awesome Vision @Edward @Stunna and Impressive work Developers! Especially the two who started out, you guys did amazing and tho I'm sure there is still a lot more work till this place starts to look ^exactly as ^ these two envisioned it, Its looking like its heading in the right direction. So far yall have an amazing site with a great forum to go along with it as well! Thanks for your generosity @Edward @Stunna and for listening/lurking so much in chat in pd and stake because i see you have taken alot of what people say in chat into consideration. Which is very smart, it ensures you get just the right, relevant small detail to sharpen and make a nice clear picture for this site. instead of a lot of random small detail from blindly guessing. Thanks for having us gamblers/players in that picture and not just you two and alot of btc. - ccc222
  10. I think so, though i wonder if theres posting count limit? There should be. people could just spam new accounts and abuse this.