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  1. open up googles RNG page. and request using say.. between just 1 and 100,000 tickets.. you be the judge. how many tickets pulled between 1 and 1000 do 100 clicks. If you were successful at landing just 1 i would be shocked... extremely shocked. i came close on my run of 100 clicks (approx 5 weeks worth of raffle events @ 20 numbers pulled per week) my closest to pretend winning was an 1899 Yes it maybe asking a lot but refreshing the page after each draw is asking a lot too. lol
  2. Would be nice if Eddie Would Try This Approach. 1. Open 20 Incognito Tabs in Chrome (Or how many raffle tickets will be drawn) 2. Enter start number and end number, copying the end number and pasting it into each of the remaining 19 tabs. (this should take maybe 90 seconds to complete) a. Can also show you how to save time by creating shortcut so next week you can load incognito chrome, with 20 new incognito tabs, from a desktop shortcut icon, you can modify 'last number' a single time, within the shortcut link, and it will load chrome with each tab identical having entered the amount of total tickets into each tabs 'last number' box of the form. 3. As you generate each ticket, you can close the tab or remove it from the group and minimize it, and so on.... 4. Waaaa Laaaa
  3. It is just a simple fact. review all the numbers drawn from day 1 of giveaways using google random generator. numbers don't lie.
  4. Exactly my point. 2 tickets out of 100's of drawn tickets. if google is not refreshed the randomizing starts at the last number drawn instead of at ticket 1 even though that is the criteria it is using it does not begin its function at 1 unless the page is refreshed.
  5. Do not be mistaken. The High rollers ''''/laugh'''' at winning the raffles. They dont attend the stream, and it is chump change to them. Do not be mistaken again, regardless of their accumulated raffle tickets, if capped or not capped, they will continue to play on stake. To put it plainly, Stake is the very best wagering platform in existence, high rollers will stay right at stake, and wagering habits will not veer from their usually scheduled program. period. this is a fact.
  6. To make things truly fair they should cap raffle tickets at 300 entries thats $300,000 wager cap on ticket earnings. .. #1 reason? fairness. #2 defeats the economic saying rich stay rich and poor stay poor. at least we would have a fighting chance.. some people are earning more than 1000 raffle tickets in ... A DAY!
  7. It is simple. open 20 incognito tabs and paste the criteria into each tab using ctrl + v to paste the last ticket number into its appropriate box and "1" into the primary box. Then as he executes each raffle ticket, close that tab and onto the next. No question about which raffle number is being drawn, no unfairness of results... rocket science.
  8. Not true. If google is not refreshed after every generated number then in fact it is not fair. no matter how many tickets you have.. if you are holding any ticket from 1 to 9000 your odds of winning are decreased to almost impossible. In any raffle using the generator have you seen any tickets drawn between those 2 numbers? I haven't.
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