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  1. https://imgur.com/HBRCm4m https://imgur.com/C3I9si9 https://imgur.com/15mwces https://imgur.com/Zvn39Hm Enjoy!
  2. More than a handful of people suggested I should apply for moderator. So i thought I would post the topic to see what administrators thought. In my opinion, i would love to help the community out and as Below is my rains sent logs. Cheers Family.
  3. Create posts replying to peoples posts.
  4. If you are lucky. The Real question is how much are you trying to win. ?? haha
  5. I cannot figure out where the raffle tickets are being announced????
  6. Totally pain in the ass.. my PD posts should count here. I dont understand why the raffle has not started .. or i am in the wrong place
  7. lol.. I am a true legend though.. just not on stake yet
  8. BettyBits

    Plinko 1000x

    I do not think x1000 will ever hit betting above $1
  9. Guess I need 10 posts So i thought I would share my casino legend status with the community...
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