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  1. Bitcoin
    SHIFThappens got a reaction from Tamara in ūüí• [$2,000] Gary's Favorite: Inglourious Basterds|Baccarat Challenge   
    User: SHIFThappens 
    BACCARAT: 37,956,927,956
    placed by SHIFThappens on 09/03/2021
    0.00000110 Multiplier
    2x Profit
    0.00000110 BACCARAT: 37,957,035,221
    placed by SHIFThappens on 09/03/2021
    0.00000110 Multiplier
    1.95x Profit

  2. Thanks
    SHIFThappens reacted to ProluFP in Linking stake username   
    Hey there, when you're on the account settings tab you should have this pop up : 

    all you got to do is set up your stake username there.

  3. Wow
    SHIFThappens reacted to justARabbit in Monthly Bonus   
    Does platinum 1/2/3 have different caps on monthly pay outs?
    I am a platinum 3 now, just joined in January 25th and never received a monthly bonus yet. What should I expect with a 1.6mio wager so far ?
  4. Haha
    SHIFThappens reacted to dupeddonk in Challenge winner notifications   
    Or...they could just put the money in our account.
  5. Love
    SHIFThappens reacted to Dave1280 in Challenge winner notifications   
    I agree that this would be a welcome addition. I know that the bonus code is linked to your user ID, if it is redeemable by your account. There could be some notification / section on the stake site to list any codes that are redeemable on your account.
  6. Thanks
    SHIFThappens got a reaction from Dave1280 in Challenge winner notifications   
    I think it would be nice if someone wins a forum challenge, they should be somehow notified about it... For me personally its hard to keep track of them and check on them all the time. For example the weekly 3 slots challenge. I always have to click the link the next week on the new challenge at the bottom to claim my rewards... i think we should be notified that we won in some way. And in other challenges, like the "Gary's Favorite: Interstellar" challenge from about three weeks ago, i dont even know if i got the prize. If i did it got added to my wault (i think), but i am not checking my wault all the time and making notes on my current balance there...
    Anyways, good luck to all
  7. Thanks
    SHIFThappens reacted to Jay23 in Linking stake username   
    the same question here, how can I know it was linked? thanks
  8. Love
    SHIFThappens reacted to JacksonPalmer in Movies to watch list? ūüé¨ūüćŅ   
    Luckily i am keeping a list of all movies i have ever watched and rate them from 1-10
    Movies I rated the highest for me personally:
    - American History X
    - A Time To Kill
    - Con Air
    - Django Unchained
    - Enemy Of The State
    - Fight Club
    - I Am Legend
    - Machete
    - Snowpiercer
    - The Green Mile
    - Training Day
    too lazy to say something to every single movie, but all of them basically have very interesting stories that fascinated me and dragged me into the movies.
  9. Haha
    SHIFThappens reacted to jhinxmolavexxx in Rakeback   
    nice info for a newbie like me, thanks for this bro
  10. Thanks
    SHIFThappens reacted to red95 in Rakeback   
    Yeah, all Stake games and 3rd party games have rakebacks.
    Here is an example: With 1% Edge, you bet 1000$ on Dice, and you get a $ 1 rakeback

  11. Haha
    SHIFThappens reacted to Ethan04 in Any dice strategy for low bankroll?   
    Martingale for easy money 
  12. Haha
    SHIFThappens reacted to mr.Anonymous in Any dice strategy for low bankroll?   
    Unfortunately noo..
    There is no strategy for low balance, only luck. can make you rich 
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