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  1. Hi guys I'm Plat5 now %72, just need %28 for Plat6 (1.5M around wager) But problem now money finished What do you think guys how much money i need for this wager and whic game?
  2. I wagered 2m around but -60k around lose And get 800$
  3. I'm platinum 5, 2 weeks ago i lose 48k$/500k wager and take 160$ around reload daily. 1 week agoi lose 2k$/200k around wager and take 50$ relaod And now i lose 8,5k$/800k wager and take 100$ around reload They said all time for high bonus you need high stake, and my host now saying to me it's also depends your lose If depends my lose you must give me minimum 300 500 usd reload when i lose 48k$!
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