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  1. The Battle for Gold Brazil - Spain 7.8 Tokyo Brazil will look for a second consecutive gold after winning in 2016. Spain want a second gold after winning in 1992. This intriguing game will be decided on offense rather than defense. At the tournament in Tokyo Brazil proved that it has a better attack than Spain. Brazil will win 2.65
  2. Welcome. I'm sure you will enjoy your work environment
  3. Olympic Basketball France - USA Durant, McGee, Holiday, Green, Middleton, Lillard, Grant, LaVine, Booker, Adebayo, Tatum, Johnson, 12 actors going to give the best show in Tokyo. The USA team is the favorite in Tokyo. In the first game, the USA team will beat the weak France team by a large margin.
  4. Hi, I am not in the host stage so I will write to you carefully and not from personal experience. This bonus is not a fixed percentage of the bet amount + the loss / profit amount. rakeback for example, is a fixed percentage of the bet amount. Therefore, if your bet amount is $ 1000 and the next day your bet amount is $ 2000 (in the same game) you will get exactly X2 from day one. Bonus, it is in the stair method and not a fixed percentage of the bet amount and the loss / profit amount. Therefore, if you lost $ 1000 and received a $ 10 bonus and the next day you lost $ 2000 you will not receive an X2 bonus from day one and will receive less than $ 20 for example $ 15. And on the third day you lose $ 4000 you will get less than $ 30 and so on. I hope you understood what I wrote (my English is bad) and I hope it is true what I wrote. Have an amazing day
  5. ruvi

    Loss of money?

    What do you mean money? The amount of currency or the value of currency? If the amount of currency has dropped then contact support. If the value of the currency has dropped then pray that it will go up
  6. Your calculation is the probability of winning 78 times in a row 013^78. The calculation of the support is the probability of losing 78 times in a row 0.87^78. So in my opinion there is a gap between your calculation and the calculation of support. Anyway good luck always!
  7. Get up in the morning with determination ... lie down to sleep with satisfaction
  8. The child who plays is not the problem .. The father and mother of the child are the problem
  9. Wow the list is very long Serbia is my popular destination @Tamara@Dijana @Andjela 3 in one session
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