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  1. In my opinion, the rationale is that the forum will not only be casino and sports promotions, but a forum for every topic. It is not complicated to write 10 comments or opinions of yours on non-performing topics. Successfully
  2. Pray that you will be lucky and play afterwards There is really no good time .. In my opinion it is not allowed to play at the expense of time for more important things such as family time / work
  3. chess Mathematics I'm not a nerd with glasses lol
  4. Victim: Eddie + Community Managers Username: ruvi I post in the chat I received an email that there is a desire to promote to a very significant position one of the community managers. For the purpose of promotion, an e-mail is sent to 100 players who must rank the community managers. The players' rankings will be 50 percent to consider who will be selected for the same position. The other 50 percent will be at the discretion of management / Eddie. Of course you are not allowed to tell community managers in chat about receiving the e-mail - oops I did not notice :). Surprisingl
  5. 1. Do not dream of making money from a casino - it's just an unfulfilled fantasy. So, play with money you have to lose and enjoy. 3. I wish you were greedy. In the end there is no way because every gambler is also greedy .. If you enjoy and play with money you have it is the best ..
  6. Buying a bonus may be good if you have a lot of money behind .. It is better to get a bonus naturally Good luck anyway
  7. The house has a mathematical advantage / statistics. In the long run the house will always benefit. The only trick in gambling is luck. You should enjoy the bet and not look for a "trick" to earn - there is no trick
  8. In my opinion, in an impatient poker game - Tilt will cause a loss for sure. In a casino, impatience will result in either a quick loss of money or a quick profit of money. A casino unlike poker is a net matter of luck. Successfully
  9. ruvi

    Real Life Pictures

    Wow! Fun to see beautiful (and smart) things!
  10. ruvi


    There is a search on the top right Write DInobot there You will find everything odd
  11. Do you really believe that if you had the statistics .. you had a 100 percent profit strategy? Even a real casino like Blackjack and Roulette does not have a 100 percent guaranteed profit strategy. If there was a profit strategy all the casinos in the world would close. Gambling is generally a pleasure and not a substitute for work. I do not understand why they do not give you the statistics you ask for .. but it hurts me that you think to yourself that if they did give you then you had a winning strategy. Need luck and not strategy .. need pleasure in gambling and not dream of b
  12. Newcastle 0 - 3 Aston villa Leeds 0 - 4 Chelsea Crystal Palace 2 - 1 West Brom Everton 1 - 0 Burnley Fulham 1 - 2 Man city Southampton 1 - 0 Brighton Leicester1 - 0 Sheffield Arsenal 2- 1 Tottenham Man utd 4-0 West Ham Wolves0 -5 Liverpool Tiebreaker : 65 Username : ruvi
  13. Aston Villa 0:2 Arsenal Burnley 0:0 Brighton Newcastle 0:0 Southampton Fulham 0:3 West Ham Man Utd 4:0 Everton Tottenham 3:0 West Brom Wolves 1:1 Leicester Liverpool 1:1 Man City Sheffield Utd 0:1 Chelsea Leeds 1:2 Crystal Palace Tiebreaker: 55min Stake username: ruvi
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