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  1. code: BTC invested: $40,000 code: ETH invested: $20,000 code: XRP invested: $20,000 code: NEO invested: $10,000 Code: LTC invested: $10,000
  2. welcome to forum check giveaway topics and reply with your bets to them if you didnt yet have fun
  3. code: BTC invested: $40,000 code: ETH invested: $20,000 code: XRP invested: $20,000 code: NEO invested: $10,000 code: LTC invested: $10,000
  4. hamur

    Trivia Bot improvements ?

    if you put answer in the question bot will result instant because it will check previous chatlog and answer is there in the question
  5. Chartbet:216,322,485 placed by hamur Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 11.00x Profit: 0.00010000
  6. someone already turned that bad luck to good luck good job badger
  7. hamur

    Anonymous bitcoin buyer buys $400m worth of btc

    i think sameway because it is not considered as little amount of buying here must impact market
  8. hamur

    Hello Community!

    welcome to stake community triskelion
  9. if that was the case Han2x would have lost their orange tag with their 1,364 posts
  10. that game not released yet but when it released how can you be sure they not cheating after selling game and taking reward for themselves and announcing it some unknown player solved and got it?
  11. hamur

    Predict the Ball's Movement

    why need to predict where balls land after launched ? i mean if you wait 3 seconds it will go where need to be so predicting useless unless you want to know the result 3 seconds earlier but result will not change you cant change your bet or something based on predictions
  12. hamur

    [Seeking] 100K

    sry stimubate i busted while waiting shit happens maybe next time sorry
  13. hamur

    [Seeking] 100K

    i can fill this loan if you want @stimubate
  14. hamur

    20K trivia giveaway !!!

    nokia nokia E90