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  1. Barbaris here ;)

    ohh nice to meet you and it seems you are anime fan also right?
  2. No Luck with Big Bets 😑

    thats correct it is all about luck but emotions has huge impact on it also you will use wisely your bankroll for having much longer fun or just rage bet and go all in and will lose all of them at once but when it comes to poker as gamble things will be different poker realy at different place in all gambling activities
  3. How to get a girl easily Guide !!

    asdf you are posting double topic care thats spam and that guide of yours ever worked on you?
  4. as we all know transactions has to confirmed by miners on blockchain for that your transaction must be broadcasted(thats happening when you transfer your coins) at some point your transaction wont be braodcasted as you wish so you have to re-broadcast it so how to do it copy your transaction tx for example bbd25de01dc7b45361cb60b6fb7c04e21446c9a8c2a7ab94620edc8f919366b1 and go https://blockchain.info/tx/yourtx add ?format=hex at the end of yourtx hash https://blockchain.info/tx/bbd25de01dc7b45361cb60b6fb7c04e21446c9a8c2a7ab94620edc8f919366b1?format=hex like that and enter you will get raw format of your tx <<<<<<< 0200000001b8c63c4073f4d6cb652ba0f354485c9687fc53f671facbd3951c30886bbd7391000000006a473044022052e2aa5c1bc8edfd93adc774157822e934e94c6921dfb822daf59496485e4a92022049162d5b8552e898d5d2037eb645e52127a769778432a5b879c57194895b4fd60121038060d3ac9a6fd1ed6d050a1476e93508fa772ce8a82df5b1ac6fc1861cb2b2e4feffffff02a0f27200000000001976a9140722fa732e575418fe3821301ec5689b79d285da88acc3c204000000000017a914bba0eeb579aaacbb57a3418191fd5df898aaab71875d9c0700 >>>>>>> now copy that and go https://blockexplorer.com/tx/send and paste your raw code here and click send transaction thats all have a nice day
  5. that feature added as ghost mode thanks stake
  6. Stake 2017 Award Winners!

    nice etude won 2 awards
  7. Sportsbetting vs. Gambling

    worst part of sportsbetting it has no provably fair and you will never know whats going on behind the scenes if match realy fair or predetermined to scam others
  8. hmm best way to prevent that kind of accidents is always hovering your mouse over links (e-mails, websites etc) before clicking them if you see weird letter combinations at bottom left skip them without clicking
  9. did you download any game crack? ppl nowadays injecting crypto currency related malwares to those cracks
  10. What will be your Club?

    problem is i dont see any create button at that page so i asked maybe permission not granted low rank members?
  11. What will be your Club?

    so how to create clubs is it only moderators and above at ranking can do it?
  12. Bright (Movie Netflix official)

    this movie was disappointment for me i was hyped because fantasy related set up and will smith but after watching it i said my friends dont waste your time on this crap
  13. Bitcoin Price will Hit $100,000 this 2018?

    imo this year price will see 30k+ and will stay at 30(+-3) and when it comes to 2020 i believe it will be 100k
  14. Last letter game!!

  15. Last letter game!!