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  1. How can anyone go on a date where everything outside is closed? So many lockdowns all over the world.
  2. Basketball, especially NBA and NCAAB. Always was and would always stay like this, I think (although from time to time I do like other sports).
  3. Maybe increased Weekly bonus this Saturday?
  4. XRP was one of the best currencies to use because it's instant and has a low fee, but now with its price crash I don't see why USDT shouldn't be a part of Stake. Other websites have it as well.
  5. I have placed 7-8 Sports bets of $100 each, in total risking close to $700-$800 today and noticing that puts me on the 787th rank is not really motivating me to try and participate in the race (see a screenshot enclosed). Perhaps there could be Casino Races and Sports Races, as I mainly like to bet on Sports ... if someone is doing Martingale or something else with $25 a bet, risking $25,000 in 20 minutes - I cannot compete with that... I personally feel like these races are for whales or for guys with really deep pockets, perhaps having a race for Sports only might produce a totall
  6. Any idea when it would be available? Thepug said he asked for it 9 months ago already...
  7. Thanks for sharing it. They charge almost a $4 fee to send Bitcoin, and I've just sent a USDT transaction for a $0.72 fee - got confirmed within 3 minutes! I don't think the fees should put them off... the benefit of having a stablecoin supersedes the current state of not having one.
  8. I am very thankful firstly for having Stake.com - the site is great and for me it's definitely a smarter way to bet! However, with the NCAA games in Basketball or Football, sometimes I want to risk $1,000 just to win $2.00 - (odds of 1.002) - you do offer that, but since I love sticking to Stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) I find myself having to convert my USDT to currencies like Ripple - which allow instant deposit/withdrawal - but when I convert it back, even if I win 30 XRP I might lose out from the conversion. Crypto currency will always, at some point, go down, against stableco
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