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  1. Wolves 1-2 Chelsea Manchester City 2-0 West Brom Arsenal 1-1 Southampton Leeds 3-1 Newcastle Leicester 2-1 Everton Fulham 1-2 Brighton Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham West Ham 1-0 Crystal palace Aston Villa 2-1 Burnley Sheffield United 0-2Manchester United first goal at 12th Usr: kerpe
  2. BLACKJACK: 32,441,485,299 placed by Kerpe on 15/12/2020 Wagered 2.07200000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 3.10800000
  3. When you take a break, it feels like the odds 'reset' in a way? If that makes sense? Like I know that doesn't matter, but for example after a winning streak, it automatically feels more likely to get a red streak. Taking a break helps with this imaginary thing
  4. Statistically speaking, you're only likely to hit 1000x once in more than a 1000 balls, so you should use the according bet size for that too
  5. I use bitstamp and bitfinex. Basically gotta research man
  6. I mean, no matter what strategy you use, you're destined to lose money in the end :d For blackjack you should google 'basic strategy', you'll find a mathematically based strategy with biggest odds (but still in casinos favour obviously)
  7. Someone said that he took it all and gambled elsewhere 😂
  8. No one is giving the lambo, only it's value in btc (which is honestly for the better as here in Norway it would probably cost even more )
  9. I used to be a massive fan of Harry Potter as a kid, and now that I moved countries, I got myself a Norwegian Harry Potter for Christmas. I practically have the entire book memorised, so it's great for learning, cus if I can't understand something I often can guess :D
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