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  1. I agree with this. Why not? Use same code as those other games lol. Put it on this one. PLS?
  2. one time I switched coin types and thought it was still 0.15 on scarab spins, but it made me YOLO my stack and I lost. support said no refunds either. ripped.
  3. i guess just 50/50 on dice house edge is there but i would do 66.667 and just hope to streak enough to profit. i always go low. then i use the profit i make with this on plinko and pray for the 1000x. just what i do. but i've been getting smacked lately. hoping that changes.
  4. 10jbp10

    Paypal crypto

    I like Cashapp better. can't send btc places with paypal?
  5. Use dice 65% to cover cost of 0.10c Plinko autobet on Hard and 16 rows and pray for 1000x payout
  6. I wish Bitcoinerz would stream XD would be epic
  7. got 4 scatters a few times... but never 5x... i think this is my fav game on stake tho. but always cleans me as well.
  8. Plinko always cleans me tho... Literally.
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