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  1. 1/32k mathematically Depends on ur seed. Seen nonce 75 get it. Seen nonce 178 get it. Seen nonce 95k get it. I like to change seed after 7k nonce if no 1000x yet. Also feel like if you keep hitting 130x I get the 1000x way less
  2. This is number one booshit. Nah, he isn't coming back. Unless someone beats Makachev and calls him out or something. Or GSP. With his mother's blessing.
  3. bottom one was a $1 bet. forgot to post... hope the bitcoin price dropping doesn't hurt it from be qualified.
  4. I agree with this. Why not? Use same code as those other games lol. Put it on this one. PLS?
  5. one time I switched coin types and thought it was still 0.15 on scarab spins, but it made me YOLO my stack and I lost. support said no refunds either. ripped.
  6. i guess just 50/50 on dice house edge is there but i would do 66.667 and just hope to streak enough to profit. i always go low. then i use the profit i make with this on plinko and pray for the 1000x. just what i do. but i've been getting smacked lately. hoping that changes.
  7. 10jbp10

    Paypal crypto

    I like Cashapp better. can't send btc places with paypal?
  8. Use dice 65% to cover cost of 0.10c Plinko autobet on Hard and 16 rows and pray for 1000x payout
  9. I wish Bitcoinerz would stream XD would be epic
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