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  1. it's a randomized Queue system. if eligible for rain (past 7 days >3k wagered) AND been active in chat in last 30 minutes you are eligible in the rng rain queue.
  2. 10jbp10 super lucky color: red
  3. Try using the beta website version of crash. Beta.stake.com (heads up - they will ask you to sign in again) The aim of the beta apparently is to be faster and more efficient and it also looks nicer. I tried it and went to crash and it was MUCH FASTER for me on Crash. Usually my ancient PC would have the same lag problems, but on the beta version of the site it was much better. Dont forget to enable hotkeys if you use the Q button to cashout.
  4. I assume this was not all on one seed. Would you share your seed change strat for the 420x? I like that one a lot too.
  5. Check Eddies latest tweet. All weekly streams now on Dlive.tv/primeedd.
  6. Close does not count, unfortunately.
  7. Can someone from support please check this for me? was able to login and see balance.. but nothing else loading.. chat slow as hell too... seems like a server thing? seems to be resolved. slow as heck though.
  8. you're funny. 1m a month is not peanuts lmfao.
  9. It is definitely more so to do with Profit. Wagered is the next big factor. If your host likes you, they can bump it up a bit for you too. Daily reload will be smallest, hourly is like 2.4x daily if you can claim them all, and 10 minute is like 3.6x the daily if you claim them all. Depends on your schedule. 10 mins are where the money is at if you wager a lot and are down a bit.
  10. idk if i would say it is broken. autobet works the same way. but manual betting is much, much, much more delayed... before you'd tap the bet button 10 times and it would drop 10 balls... now ur lucky if it drops like 3 balls lol
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