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  1. Obviously nothing can be done at the point, happy new year from Stake!!! handing me a 5-28 run in Blackjack that killed my slowly built up bankroll of 20k in Eth. I use a Fibonacci system, usually works well, but can’t overcome this kind of ridiculous run (15% win rate??? Wtf). The moment I dropped my bet to 5 USD, the losing streak stopped, lol. Just wanna smack my head against a brick wall for losing control. Should have taken the “smaller” loss of 6k and stopped when I was at negative 14 in the sequence.
  2. Thanks! I use a Fibonacci number system for Blackjack, works quite well at normal win rates (~44% on Stake original BJ), but still cannot get over the long 10+ losing streaks or swaths of hands where I only win at ~25%.
  3. It's a good game...be aware of huge losing streaks though! 10-15 straight is common, or runs of ~25% win rate over 100 hands...per personal experience
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