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  1. I played in 2 real casinos in my life, one in Argentina and other in a cruise ship The experience is totally different, it is way funnier than online casinos and the atmosphere is amazing Compared to IRL casinos, online casinos are boring actually.
  2. I am up a good amount of $ at Stake, but from Slots and Live games, somehow Stake originals knows when I am upping my bet and gives shit.
  3. Live, Stake originals is the formula to lose money, that thing is not normal.
  4. I am up but most of my affiliates/friends are down bad on site, I have good and bad runs on Stake.
  5. SLOTS: 49,047,547,627 placed by scrollgato123 on 05/07/2021 Wagered 0.00036420 Multiplier 50.7x Profit 0.01810074
  6. scrollgato123 Olive (what a exotic color)
  7. Theres no strategies bud, it's just the good old pure luck
  8. they're the same until platinum i guess
  9. Mine was 800x on secret of the stones with 1$ spins, tell me your histories!
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