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  1. You have literally open two topics on main page where you are crying how much you lost and that you would deserve a bonus ... 😭😭😭 Obviously didn't work so you cry with this now .... İf you don't have money 💰💰 for gambling don't gamble or get a job man
  2. Man do you do something else than creating posts where you beg for bonuses or extra money ? I think stakes is giving a lot more than any other casino
  3. vojtech5 fawn happy post. Love stake
  4. Are you all also not able to place a bet ?
  5. You have to be bit more understanding. The support actually did quite a good job. You should see other companies with this. This whole GDPR is still a mess and their is so many mistakes in the law itself and so many misconceptions that are actually false. İ am glad that you got your account back.
  6. Looks like that only scary empty account
  7. İt is too late . İ don't think nothing is happening . İ hoped that Eddie will drop something on the stream other than connection but it doesn't look like
  8. Well. I take it. There has to be no post monthly. At leaste there will be something. I just hope . It won't take the 3 weeks like last time
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