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  1. no man that one are good. The rest when you are kind of advising to bet on favorits all the time
  2. Feedback: If you try to log in on mirro websites , you are not able to log in at all on beta
  3. that is a bad advice come on man value bets Bankroll is the top of the list. Even when you are betting randomly with good managment you can be in profit, if you add some value to it you can make decent profits depends on bank. Look for value bets, betting Djokovic to win all the time will get you nothing but a big loss sooner or later. I usually play women tennis waiting for mental breakdown of player ahead and betting on turn. Footbal is great when is a big tempo game without goals in first half to bet on goals. Basketbal on over gosh that one is golden when they dont score first half much, the odds get very favourable. Last one Dota2 litteraly their are streamers that has like 90% in predicting the wrong result I am just betting against them
  4. They have actually quite a good odds what is the problem is: 1) not able to bet much more often than anywhere else 2) ridiculous betting limits especially on esport, sometimes even 20 USD is too much for my account 3) cash out is sorry guys but joke, sometimes it is reloading so long that you cant cash out even trough half time, because it is realoading
  5. you just exposed yourself even more. Either you dont understand your own words or realize that no one care about your crying so you are trying to turn it arround I will put as many smilles as I wont as I said natural selection candidates are just too much fun P.S.: Watch the road when you are crossing street so you dont have to blame the road that should stop you
  6. So you are blaming everyone else for the fact that you cant control yourself? Well natural selection at the end my friend will get you dont worry what a joker their fault I lost money because they didnt block me Just delete it and stop obviously you cant handle it You are addict smoker who will have just one because he can handle it. Well you cant obviously..... To the raffle there is no fair way and this all is a joke , are you guys runing to lottery company because you ticket didnt win and complain? Or make a sport bet and requesting refund because the coach made wrong changes ??? Jokers Maybe thats why none of you can win hmmm... Karma? You know jelousy is not good for health or luck ...
  7. yeah, he will never learn and they wont change the streaming platform , why stake?
  8. was thinking the same maybe first time , I will get pick but nope
  9. Impossible to play anymore, specially on auto the lag will make disapear your bet than is increasing randomly . I am worried that this game is done if it will not get fixed hopefully new version of stake will fix it?
  10. Yeah the google generator is weird the calculation is working somehow really weird, but to be honest not really eddies fult with his joke internet refresh all the time would take like 3 days to finish it I dont think there is a way how to do this to satisfie everyone you know, this will always be more favourable for big players becasuse they will have incredible amount of tickets. It is more shame that stake doesnt do competition based on skills, well they do but the prize pool there is 2k and not 50k
  11. I heard so many times about that but not happening still, really shame I would love to gamble on poker too.
  12. Would be nice to know my page got picked 4 times unfortunatelly not me but would just like to know how many times Faris got picked from the page 4 times maybe ? Joking enjoy guys but it would be just making things more clear if they would publish, but also exposing I quess
  13. vojtech5

    Eddie ban

    Twitch should just close the shop they are ridiculous
  14. You will not he refuse to read it and they claim that they will post it but they never ever do
  15. vojtech5 smaragdine #FreeEddie Morela, Melena, Darko .. Please Please once at least in my life
  16. Maybe bonus drop in telegram when we cant have any funn this week with Eddie?
  17. I am sorry as united fan best day in a long time and so much better knowing city got done again Bottelers Every year they bottle something Who is united supporter too?
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