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  1. vojtech5 Milrive going for the win today : D
  2. come on give us mothly euro is on big chance to loose it back stake
  3. nothing happend over the weekend so, hopefully some bonus soon ?
  4. It is true like every business, it should be special so as long as people are moving up the benchmark to reach has to move too. It is just crazy, that stake mostly move it when I am few days from reaching that level Like alwasys guys
  5. I mean getting angry because loosing in casino ? Casino has always odds in favour, from my point of view is only about getting higher VIP level or ultra lucky and my hash is always fine, maybe just random glitch?
  6. XRP and changing rakeback for BTC my way of buying bitcoin
  7. Just finish the bronze asap, easiest is to roll in casino, the first level goes quick and the bonus jump from before bronze to after is very big
  8. It is good for small VIP levels for higher or profit , it is too much risk for very little gain
  9. or bonus drop when some massive favorite loose like with the super league teams
  10. Any idea what the new doge promo could be about?
  11. I have few of these, it is always fun. Stake usually does the competition quite nicelly would be nice to just see something like that you know not forgetting sport betting people Also if someone is interested there is another page for betting competition. https://www.olbg.com/
  12. Hi, So Stake promoting all kind of wagering competition, but basically is almost always in favor of people using casino, what about competition only for betting, like a week or month tournament with getting points based on odds not about money so once it would be about skills? Thanks
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