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  1. The vip host has some flexibility with the amount of your reloads. If you're usually wagering the equivalent of the GDP of a small nation weekly.. Then have a fucking disaster of a week.. Your host will take this into account and won't just slap the recommended reload value on you.
  2. Love it! And will put it to good use! I'll be making a depo this Friday, will send you some appreciation.. Hobomafia your username on stake? And if I finally get some form of profitable run together in the next week or so, would be happy to discuss motion designs.
  3. Thanks man, much appreciated
  4. Yes, that's the one. Just trying to keep things as closely aligned as possible across all the platforms. You are right about the related media, trying not to self promote. Would be interested in the motion design, but probably not immediately. Basically because I'm well into the red the last two months! lol. And have an expensive August coming up.
  5. Hey, great work, that's some impressive shit! Would you be interested in trying something for my cover for here, and related 'media' elsewhere, where you get the overall theme I'm going for. More than happy to pay, but would be end of the week.
  6. Ah not good, as long as your phone doesn't start data roaming now, after Brexit. You around the Newry / Dundalk area, or more to the west?
  7. No problem, I was trying to find out as much as possible before launch, to try and get some affiliates signed up from the UK. Unfortunately, it's going to be totally separate from stake.com, due to the strict gambling laws there.
  8. It's a given, even now if you use a vpn set to the UK and go to stake.com .. It'll take you to a registration page for the new site
  9. Anyone from the UK will be automatically redirected to stake.co.uk
  10. Of those three.. ETH Of all the coins available on Stake.. EOS
  11. I think this is the most useful advice for any gambler. You will have streaks, both winning and losing, when you're winning.. Make it count!! Keep skimming profit, and make use of it.. Buy something, pay off debt, etc.. Use it to improve your life in some small way. You'll be glad you did when the streak goes the other way..
  12. Right about now, I'd just be happy to see any coin in my stake wallet! I think we'll see ADA very soon, along with USDT / USDC.
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