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  1. No problem, you work away with the important issue.
  2. Brave browser is probably the best, been using it on laptop and mobile for some time.. Your never going to get rich from it, but it does keep building up. Another is LBRY.. Think YouTube, but you get a bit of crypto for watching content. Not a large amount of content there yet, but plenty of crypto related youtubers have set up on it too. https://lbry.tv/ I've also tried cryptotab browser, similar to brave, but rewards are BTC. Brave wins hands down in my opinion.
  3. Nothing major, I think it's probably 2222x on limbo.
  4. I had always used eth for gambling, but it just because too expensive to move between wallets regularly. Last few months been using Ltc for all things gambling.
  5. Out of interest, while your go over the same things repeatedly.. Went would anyone actually need an alt account? What could I possible use an alt account for, other than claiming more bonuses? I've been using stake for over a year, and never once felt like an alt account would benefit me.
  6. I'd give the person responsible for updating the social media a massive bonus.. or even maybe a well constructed, appreciative response.. Instead of the usual shite.. Stake: look at this fantastic promotion.. Response: wens monthly? Stake: enjoy free money for simply playing at the casino.. Response: that's shit, wens monthly?
  7. I often find myself in tricky spots in life, but get through them just by asking myself 'in this situation, what would Dusan do?'
  8. Pan's Labyrinth is probably all time favourite.. But Inception, Gladiator and Leon get honourable mentions.
  9. The results and coupon link are posted at the end of the thread, usually around a day after it closes for entries. In the vip promotions section, there's a section for all the finished challenges. You'll see the winners, etc there when announced.
  10. I find it best to play during the hours I'm awake. I found I have little control over my gambling while sleeping.
  11. 1 formulate a few strategies that allow x number of consecutive reds, and set your base bet accordingly 2 switch strategies and seeds often 3 set a realistic profit target and if you reach it, vault or withdraw your profit, and start again 4 ensure you have no prior heart conditions
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