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  1. Agreed, stable coin should be usdc out dai
  2. Hi all, I've seen the 'when stablecoin?' question come up a few times in chat / forum, and while it isn't too appealing for me, I can see the benefits. On the topic of additional currencies being added on stake, most of my gambling is done in Eth (as it's the main currency in my portfolio), but would love to see another option or two appear. My thoughts would be Dot, Ada, Near. Would be interested to hear whether I'm on my own on this one, or if there's a currency you'd like to see added?
  3. Looking at alts.. Eth (if you still want to class it as an alt) and Dot are my calls for 2021. low market cap.. Xio
  4. I never have any luck with Martingale.. very quickly hit a ridiculous run of losses!
  5. Pan's Labyrinth, The Jacket, Stardust (sorry.. guilty pleasure)
  6. Change strategy frequently.. withdraw often.. control the greed..
  7. Recently hit Plat II.. Hoping to reach Plat III in the next couple of weeks.
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