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  1. you can this topic will be remove soon u can see how unethical it will be am even video recording this topic to show in youtube how stake mods delets topic which is fair to discuss
  2. Note : This post is general discussing for stake player , for being transparent i placed a bet on blackjack 5000$ and was not able to give my decision on time because of DDoS attack confirmed by eddie himself I lost 5000$ due to Evolution getting DDoS attack and Stake doesnt refund :S? every other casinos in world would refund this type of situations look @ responds i got from Eddie in picture do you its fair to do this to PLAT 6 who lost 450k$ in past also any other player IS IT safe to gamble high stake if someone place bet 50000$ and lose it because of these reasons how can we trust MODS this is dicussion with players this POST no abusive content this POST has no harrasing anyone or degrading anyone just normal chat DONT DELETE TOPIC
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