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  1. Here's my contribution sport:8042211 3.4x FIFA World cup qualifiers. Why would they win? Because they're high ranking teams who were there in the last world cup . And they seem to be in proper form nowadays.
  2. just use your own wallet. most centralised exchanges are not trustworthy. that said, i use FTX sometimes and it has worked fine for me.
  3. " If you don't want to die, then live" and " Just live."
  4. Develop some skills (programming, designing, marketing whatever) from a MOOC website and get better at it. After that either start freelancing( from upwork etc.) or apply for jobs at whichever cool companies/startups' website you come across. Most have a "career" section. With crypto? Get lucky with certain obscure airdrops (mostly depends on luck).
  5. sneed


    How much percentage does your VIP progress bar say? I think it may be because you mostly use the casino. Sportsbook wagers give 3X the progession.
  6. Not favourite but recently been listening to this
  7. sneed


    I reached bronze at 6k. And my current progress is 5.5% at 7k. So i think 19k more and I'll be in silver. But then crypto's price fluctuations may also be the deciding factor so idk really.
  8. perhaps some python script
  9. TT or Basketball. TT actually gives out results in a very short time so that's a plus.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Monitoring this thread.
  11. I don't think strategies work with dice. But like the other guy said, minimum multiplier 10 or 20 times then take a break for the day.
  12. I don't super understand blackjack. but i try.
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