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  1. sport:6580369. 1.Tails. 2.Bucaneers. 3. Even 4.Yes 5. Yes 6. Kelce 7. No 8. Yes 9.Field Goal 10. Yes 11. No 12.No 13.Interception 14.Bucaneers 15.Under 2.5 16.Mahomes 17.Yes 18.4th 19.No 20.Yes Tiebreaker: 69
  2. Soon to be plat 2, love being Platinum, daily reloads rock, and more bet, nice weekly and monthly
  3. Im plat 1, soon to be 2, how much u get for 3?
  4. Yup, dang hope u get better luck next time
  5. nope, I always keep the same seed
  6. Dice, plinko, limbo good for leveling up but u will take a loss slow bleed
  7. What setting on dice do you have to set it to have chance to win hit
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