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  1. 5K is alot But i got lucky on 200$ and cashout 10K ❤️ So it is possible for all i will say
  2. Depends on amount/deposit!!! And how much the wager is I always play Go big or go home Max allowed bet´s and hope for some good hits.. If not i already declared my money lost on my deposit But you have to find your own way i think
  3. Read the terms for participating 10 post on forum is 1 of them all dont catch
  4. Have earned alot... BUT always remember, to gamble responsibly The deposit i make i have already seen lost, sometimes you can be lucky and make some great payouts... Never gamble for more than you can afford to loose ❤️
  5. Leprechauns goes wild and Big bass bonanza
  6. Big bass Bonanza ❤️ That game is sick
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