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  1. im currently reading darth plagueis by james luceno! such an awesome book! im on my 5th read lol i highly recommend the wheel of time series by robert jordan, and atlas shrugged by ayn rand was a very addicting book, super well written and ahead of its time! dont let fat books intimidate you! slave species if the gods will open your closed mind too, give that a shot
  2. been dicing it up for a solid 2 months and this seems like it could work
  3. deposit man. dont rely on someone else lol
  4. dice worked for me minimum bets and 10000% increase on loss
  5. wage high in low risk but make up for the next bet if you lose
  6. i hope i can make 10 posts before the stream ends!!
  7. i find doge coin to be perfect for dice and roulette
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