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  1. LIMBO: 61,299,269,478 placed by Ketur93 on 08/11/2021 Wagered 0.00000489 Multiplier 399x Profit 0.00194622
  2. Ketur93 (j'ai jamais gagné ) Fawn
  3. SLOTS: 59,925,197,140 placed by Ketur93 on 27/10/2021 Wagered 0.11880000 Multiplier 30x Profit 3.44520000 LIMBO: 59,925,485,090 placed by Ketur93 on 27/10/2021 Wagered 0.47780000 Multiplier 25x Profit 11.46720000
  4. WHEEL: 59,913,725,732 placed by Ketur93 on 27/10/2021 Wagered 0.01175000 Multiplier 9.9x Profit 0.10457500 WHEEL: 59,913,726,560 placed by Ketur93 on 27/10/2021 Wagered 0.01175000 Multiplier 9.9x Profit 0.10457500
  5. Ketur93 Good luck all ❤️ Blue
  6. Hello I'm Kasim, 27 years old, thing, living in France and active for more than a year on stake and his French chat. I work on the internet so I am between 12 and 14 hours on the chat per day, so I have enough to moderate. Moreover, my origins represent a lot for me, and if there is one thing I would like it is to become moderator of my country, Turkey. Knowing all the rules to apply, I think I could be the impartial/and funny moderator that the chat deserves. I will also be there in the night so I could help the French moderators who sleep during the night thinking about the French chat. I've already been transferred and I know the rules inside out, so my application is on the table, and I hope that after your reflection, I will be selected. Sincerely, Kasim. (Ketur93 on stake) Hosgeldiniz stakerciler, Moderatorlük için bas vurmam, oncelikle sizi ve stake sitesini çok sevdigimden. Soru veya gôrusleriniz için her zaman bir çare bulmak için, en iyi seçeceginiz insan benim. Umarim bu seçim adil olur ve hak eden Moderatorlügu alir. Kendinize iyi bakin, sevgi ve saygilarimi sunarim. Kassim ❤️ (Ketur93) -------------------------------------------------------------- 1-) What is your Stake username? : Ketur93 2-) How much time on average do you spend on Stake every day? : I work on the internet and usually spend between 12 and 14 hours on stake 3-) Can you briefly explain what the job of a moderator is? : Respect and rules above all, the chat moderator helps to solve problems and checks that the chat rules are respected. It would be a chat moderators duty to answer questions that users have about the latest updates, news and site functions. This is a job. 4-) Why do you want to become a moderator on this chat? : Because I feel the need to help people as much as possible and moderate, I've done the same job on other sites for a long time. I don't have a job now and I have a lot of free time. I really like the stake community and i would be happy to contribute to it. Also it will excite me to a job that i am experienced and love to do 5-) Have you ever been warned, muted, or banned, and why? : I was banned 3-5 times when I signed up not knowing all the rules, like almost everyone else here, so I can say that I know the rules very well and will be able to prevent, and then apply. 6-) Have you ever been a moderator on any other platform? : If I make this request is that for 6 months i was moderator for a turkish gambing site! Everyone knows me from there, I had to take my departure following an agreement because the site did not bring me anything more and since I discovered stake I wait only one thing, to help the site and my country.
  7. HILO: 57,892,907,056 placed by Ketur93 on 04/10/2021 Wagered 0.00620000 Multiplier 3.7825832x Profit 0.01725202
  8. Ketur93 Red Good luck #Tejman
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