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    Super multi

    Wow, Congratulations, you had a great streak of big multipliers .... If they were all on the same grain it is even more impressive ..
  2. I prefer not to buy them, I find it better to have them while playing, I also find that they pay more this way, but it is random ... On the other hand I find that it is more difficult to have bonuses naturally on the machine that offers the purchase ...
  3. I couldn't have said better ... This kind of strategy always works well, until you have the streak of red that makes you lose lol
  4. Thanks, I'll take a closer look because it really intrigues me .... Luck had to be on your side, but to win so much it's not just luck, strategy has to be right.
  5. Thank you for this post, I will try and give my opinion
  6. For me, it's chaos crew and San Quentin
  7. You are absolutely right, but to last longer, you have to do this martingale on a not too high multiplier X2 or x3. It is also necessary to calculate the necessary% increase because it is not the same for all the multipliers, moreover for this kind of strategy it is better to play in crypto than in dollars because you can bet smaller. I hope I've helped you
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