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  1. i cant man im so bad with sports i like live games and game shows
  2. man if u want to stop gamblig stop u are bigger then this. Just 1day when u wake up say ''I wont gamble anymore'' and stop
  3. Sard0

    Turkish Chat

    u are right man when every nationality have own chat it will be verry good bcuz u can talk with your friends on your own lenguage
  4. happy new year to everyone. Wish u all best have a great 2021 with your friends and family have insane luck and everything what u want ❤️
  5. for me the worst slot is Snake Arena man this snake always tangled idk why but always for me 3-5spins and the snake is dead
  6. dude sometimes u need to stop when u are on -profit bcuz luck come for shot time and then only bad luck is for long time
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