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  1. Choosing these tiles shown in the image is one of the biggest chances to profit. Most of the blocks will be chosen when u bet. try and reply plz
  2. 1) Never begin with the pressing on the corners! 2) Do not press colors next to each others! 3) IF ur betting high, press on seperate 3 blocks only will give u high chance of winning, winning 3 blocks will give great profit if ur betting high. If ur bettling low, try 4-5 blocks seperate from each other and u will get higher chance than winning when betting with blocks near each other! 4) Initial strategy, try beggining from the middle block, least block of having a mine, then continue further, this is ez profit! tell me what happens in the commentts
  3. okay moderator, thank you, i will try my best
  4. hi maverickk!!!!!!!!! thx m8
  5. Can i get a brief explanation about this site and how it works please!!