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  1. Watching random vlogs, and ofcourse BTS 💜 and reading books. Its fun for me. Real thing 😁
  2. I live and belive with this "don't throw gold just to get bronze" in every ways. Just makes sense 💕😘
  3. Meet my Persian cat, his name is mabuchi 😽
  4. Hahaha. I like that! I'll go with you with that wish man!😁 Hahahaha. Lets go! I want that too . So we can see each players. Haha.
  5. If given a chance to add or remove something from stake, what would it be and why? 😁
  6. I think its based on contentment. (My own point of view) whether the winning amount is big or small if you are not yet satistied or contented with the outcome, you will still try your luck. Since this is about gambling, you'll give it another try. Chasing luck is hard. More often you will take chances that will lead you to loose. Sad but its true 😊
  7. Have you ever asked yourself why you keep on playing on stake? (Regardless if you are winning or loosing)
  8. Yeah. Corn kernels(in can) and raisin wheat bread. Perfect match for me! 🤤😍
  9. Gambling: When to stop and when to still go? 🤔
  10. Wanna meet the first play who signed up for stake(Eddie is exemption) hahaha. Who would that be? 🤔🤔
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