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    Nexko122 reacted to Rade in ​ ❄ [$500] Christmas Magic | Costume Challenge ​❄   
    🎄Christmas Magic🎄
    Ho-ho-ho! 🎅 Something new is approaching. All is changing, you can feel it in the cold air. But step into it with a smile and a plate of cookies. Put on some warm clothes and a funny cap, lie down and make a snow angel or bring a Snowmen to life. ⛄ Take your reindeers and fly high. 🦌  Anything is possible as long as you believe. 🌟
    This year Garry took Santa’s clothes just to surprise us all, but shhh, don’t tell him you know! 🤶 Just turn on the Christmas lights and bring part of your tale to us. Share the joy with everyone, and show us the colors of love. The elves have been busy and if you’ve been good this year Santa Gary is going to bring you a surprise under the Christmas tree. 
    Make a wish when the clock ticks midnight and make every moment count. Make it a December to remember, and be ready for Stake Christmas Magic. ❄
    ❄ Categories and Prizes: 
    Most Creative/Original Christmas costume - $100 🎁  Best Christmas Tree - $100 🎄 The best gingerbread house/plate of cookies - $100 🍪 The best Stake inspired Snowman - $100 ❄ Other participants - share in the $100 prize pool 💸 ❄ Requirements and How to Enter:
    Upload a picture or a video of your entry bellow this topic. To prove you're the one making the entry, in the picture/video you should hold a piece of paper with following hand-written content:
       • 'Stake Christmas '20'
       • Date of submission
       • Your Stake username Photo-shopped pictures, the use of any filters while taking a photo or anything similar is strictly forbidden. One valid entry per household.  If you didn't meet any of the requirements of the contest, you can be disqualified.  20+ Post count on the Forum. We do not want to violate the rules of the Forum, so this promotion won't include revealing any personal information, and posting images and videos from some other platforms with/without hashtags would be automatically excluded from this contest. Winners will be chosen by Community Managers  and announced at the end of this topic within 24 hours of the Challenge closing date.   
    Merry Christmas and good luck, everyone! ☃️
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