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  1. Kibi Coin is a decentralized peer to peer digital coin that is not controlled by any central institutions or governments. It is an open-source platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities. Kibi coin is designed to be a digital currency that can be used to store value and to exchange with anyone in the world with extremely low fees and fast lightning speed transactions. KIBI SPECIFICATIONS: COIN ABBREVATION - KBC ICO TOKENS – 5,000,000 KBC MAXIMUM COIN SUPPLY – 21,000,000 KBC PRICE START – 0.20 CENTS Algorithm : SHA-256 MINIMUM STAKING TIME – 1 HOUR MAXIMUM STAKING TIME – UNLIMITED Lending Program: Roadmap: The following is KibiCoin’s roadmap for the remainder of this year: ICO: The ICO will start on the 15th of July 2018. Go to their website and grab your coins! - www.kibicoin.info https://www.kibicoin.info/register/crypticopportunity
  2. CriptoHub - Plan to Become Brazil’s Largest Crypto-Exchange in under a Year. "CriptoHub aims to be the #1 cryptocurrency and financial exchange in Brazil with a great range of coin options, integrated payment processing, pre-paid credit cards and more. " Binance x Kucoin - competitor. Introduction: Token Information: Roadmap: POWERFUL REFERRAL PROGRAM Our referral program pays a generous 20% of any referred member’s user fees. So if you refer people to CriptoHub and they use the service, you’ll get a trailing commission. We’re the first exchange in Brazil to offer an affiliate program, which will generate a lot of additional marketing for CriptoHub. 1st in Brazil The first and only exchange in Brazil to pay affiliate referral commissions. Refer Your Friends And Receive Affiliate Commissions Receive 20% commission on your friend's rates. Monetize Your Content Be paid by users referred from your affiliate link on your site, blog or info product. Easy-to-use Pre-paid Credit Card All CriptoHub account holders will be able to get a pre-paid credit card where they can spend cryptocurrency in local Brazilian real (BRL). This gives everyone an easy to way use cryptocurrency without having to cash it out via a bank first. Go To The Website and contribuite to this ambitious project. Ref Link - https://www.ico.criptohub.com.br/?utm_source=19064 No ref link - https://www.ico.criptohub.com.br
  3. ICO started earlier.
  4. pre ICO - sold out.
  5. The AcuteCoin platform plans to provide users with several opportunities for members to share and build their portfolios together. AcuteCoin strives to be both a platform for earning and a useful tool in helping you maneuver your way through this exciting industry. Lending Program: There are three tiers to the lending program. Depending on the amount the investor lent, members may potentially earn up to 2% interest per day. Details are as follows: Roadmap: The following is Acute’s roadmap for the remainder of this year: ICO: The company’s ICO began 1 June 2018 and will run through 14 August 2018. Up to 10 million coins will be purchased during the offering. Prices will range from .70 USD to 1.40 USD depending on the round in which they are purchased. Date Price Duration Total Coins June 01 - June 30 $0.60 PRE-ICO On Sale Now 1,000,000 July 01 - July 05 $ 0.70 5 Days 1,000,000 July 06 - July 10 $ 0.80 5 Days 1,000,000 July 11 - July 15 $ 0.90 5 Days 1,000,000 July 16 - July 20 $ 1.00 5 Days 1,000,000 July 21 - July 25 $ 1.10 5 Days 1,000,000 July 26 - August 14 $ 1.20 20 Days 4,000,000 Total Coin Supply on Sale: 10,000,000 Referral Program: Those who wish to refer people to AcuteCoin may benefit from the referral program. There are three levels in the referral program. Members will earn from people they refer as well as those their referrals refer. Details are as follows: Go to the Website. https://acutecoin.io/referral/?email=progreszilnic@gmail.com&ref=9j4jms0t6cpa012 Ref Link https://acutecoin.io
  6. Specular (SPEK) is an investment tradable utility token with a total supply of 8,888.888. Only 3 million tokens will be sold during ICO and another 3 million will be given to investors as holding interest. Investors who buy over 500 & 1000 will have access to airdrop tokens. Full team details provided on website. Buy and Hodl . Specular is a long hold reward program, the faster you withdraw funds the less you make the longer you hold the more you gain. Name: Specular Symbol: SPEK Platform: Ethereum Total Supply: 8 888 888 Etherscan: 0x7179694a43f5e95a068edea4bf2b3381876765e6 ICO Rounds $0.5 - 100 000 $0.10 - 100 000 $0.15 - 100 000 $0.20 - 100 000 $0.25 - 100 000 $0.30 - 100 000 $0.35 - 200 000 $0.40 - 250 000 $0.45 - 400 000 $0.50 - 500 000 $0.60 - 400 000 $0.70 - 300 000 $0.80 - 200 000 $0.90 - 100 000 $1.00 - 50 000 Long Term HODL Program: Coins will be set aside to be given to those who HODL their coins. A percentage of the coins will be given to each holder on a daily basis. If people withdraw from the program, the percentage for those remaining will increase. This will continue until the last of the 3 million coins set aside are given out. Roadmap: Specular has planned their roadmap through March 2019. ICO: The company’s ICO will run through June 2018. Referral and Bounty Program: The company offers a 5% commission for every user who you refer to the site. Additionally, you will receive 25 coins for the first friend you refer and 5 coins for every friend afterward. If you add links to videos or articles, you may be able to receive between 1 – 1500 free tokens. Check out their website here. - https://spektoken.com/index.php?refer=USRF-265 - Ref link No Ref Link - https://spektoken.com