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  1. YouTube banned me for 3 months!! for doing videos about stake... But all my recent work is based on Dice and I have a built up a decent follow base in a private community. I am running with what I think is one of the best stratagies i have ever seen. I have continued to produce content but made them available via my Discord
  2. I won 8BTC on Dog House. Depends what you call rich??
  3. See my tips in house to smash your way through the VIP system using Dice! Good Luck everyone.
  4. I like to recreate stake games in excel to test the beat strategies. so far I’ve done Dice and Crazy Time. I can simulate thousand of plays and if your handy in excel please reach out and we can work on these together.
  5. I’d have the Trezor wallet and recovery keys in a time released lockup facility.
  6. Once your on Platinum VIP. Stake is very generous in giving back daily, weekly and monthly bonuses. And I’m often given a nice amount, usually $2K for being in the top 1,000 players each month. Simply because I wager so much as per the video. All the money give me I just use to max stake. you’ll see in the video I hunt for a good seed to do that. Thanks for the feedback. I have to be honest, Baccarat scares the pants off me. I’ve seen people lose serious money chasing the banker run. I think it’s a game for high rollers. But happy to look again, if your right it might be worth doing something similar with the previous videos but recreating the game in excel and testing out different strategies. Do you fancy collaborating with me on this one? I try to find strategies that work and share my knowledge with you guys. like I say on my videos, hand on heart, I want you all to win and all to smash through the VIP system because the rewards are worth it. Put in $100 play dice at 98% and stake at $1 and autobet on instant play with no animation you’ll get to silver in 20 mins.
  7. Here you go. Good luck everyone!
  8. I suggest 10 Bitcoins on a time rleased lock where the private key can only become available 5 years... Cruel but will stop them gambling it away becuase in 5 years 1 Bitcoin will buy you a house!
  9. Mine is Dice (Stake Original) Best for wagering by far
  10. Sorry please bear with me, I have produced a much more thorough explanation video along with spredsheet discussing two stratagies. I am the middle of editing it and I will post the link as soon as it's complete. Here you go Everyone, as prmised. Good luck. Any tips or other stake strategies you want to try, PM me.
  11. Guys please, there is an easy way, check this out. I have a new video I am working on and I will post it here.
  12. You need to get to Platinum. Im at Plat IV.
  13. Guys it’s huge. I get over $1,200 for free weekly on VIP Platinum IV. Well worth it. Plus you get allocated a VIP and chunky bonuses every-time you upgrade.
  14. Nice one, what is that like 2,500X !!
  15. PM me and I’ll show you how.
  16. Have you not seen my video? It is easy.. If it's getting up the VIP system you want, I got to Gold in a few hours with a start balance of $250 and an end balance of £260. One session smashed all three VIP Levels in a few hours.
  17. I got to Platinum IV today guys. I will let you know what the bonus is they give me when my VIP manager responds..
  18. It’s a volatile slot that one. Hard to bonus and can eat your balance. Try to stick to the 200:1 rule. That is you only stake at 1/200th of your balance. For example if you have $200 only stake at $1. good luck buddy. I’ve seen so many videos like this and it never happens to me but amazing stuff. Did you capture it on video?
  19. Try this everyone. Works for me. Blank account to Gold VIP in a few hours and kept most of my $250 start balance.
  20. I use Bandicam and Windows Voice Recorder to record the content and my voiceover. I like to keep them seperated. I have a Yeti Mic and I use Filmora to do the editing. I have Decent spec dual screen setup and green screen should I be brave enough to put my face online one day. I have been playing around with OBS, but it's a bit fiddly..
  21. I do videos on YouTube and Twitter. That works beat for me.
  22. Do you promote your link? you don’t get a lot of commission on Stake. It’s a numbers game. on mBitcasino I’ve negotiated 40% commissions on casino wins.
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