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  1. bet id : 39,106,442,857 username: 7ang01
  2. PLINKO: 34,291,799,288 placed by 7ang01 on 14/01/2021 Wagered 0.00005210 Multiplier 18x Profit 0.00088570 PLINKO: 34,291,747,188 placed by 7ang01 on 14/01/2021 Wagered 0.00002605 Multiplier 18x Profit 0.00044285
  3. "don't forget about the auto play!"
  4. I'm bronze... 15-20% on my way to silverπŸ¦‡
  5. excellent idea, the chat is way too hectic.. no conversation can take place and can create such lag
  6. IV methamphetamine user, only recently having trouble with gambling addiction... yes the M does help put you in the zone for some long betting sessions but stay away from it if you do not use the drug already, time seems to go by fast and is missing that wholesome feeling
  7. it is a refreshing citrus fruit, tangerine and 01 because we are #1 πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ
  8. sell some lemonade in the hot summer months of the year- good profit, low over-head
  9. on the way to platinum..🚁to bronze as other's have pointed out.... enjoy your day and happy holidays
  10. KENO: 33,072,011,282 placed by 7ang01 on 25/12/2020 Wagered 0.00008192 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.02203648
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