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  1. Just bless limbo and you'll win
  2. Please, can you discuss this on another place, the thread wasnt done for you, lol, shut up and go and create a new one if you want to discuss this, pd, if you want to be a moderator, you are far away to become one, so, keep walking pal
  3. The situation on spanish is pretty bad, sometimes actions of bans has no sense, probably it would be better to add one more staff member, just to create another view point, that would be good, and all would be very happy. Long live to mexico
  4. Support its good. Sometimes they are several, but its what it is. I personally want to bless Tamara. All the other members, are excelent, but found the place to mencionate her, i have had good conversations about Argentina with her. Support its 10/10. Thanks for the space.
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