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  1. But I never know what challenge is all the time I see is winners posted with dollar amount.
  2. How does Telegram challenge work? I am in that channel but idk how to participate!
  3. Grats. How many balls did u drop?
  4. Any one holding shiba inu? It will be great if stake adds it as crypto.
  5. Discipline is all we lack. I have heard so many stories and I suffer my self from lack of discipline. Craziest story I came so far is guy turned 300 bonus to 1 mil and than lost 99.5 percent of it back. Idk if it is true but I see my self doing it if it is me. I try to take break or change website I play on . Anything doesn't get u tilted is what we looking for
  6. Any one get same feeling that you feel hope of winning with few hundred tickets every week but every time you don't get picked? Lol I know so many tickets to compete but God damn every week for almost 20 weeks that hope and than just shity luck Sucks.
  7. How long do u guys take break when u can't control temper over loosing on live games? I know winning and loosing is part of game and some hands or certain loosing streak is unavoidable. My problem is when I loose I bet more, not exactly martingale but may be trippple martingale and as all know it doesn't end well with limited bankroll. Its been so frustrating to build a balance and loose it in like 4 or 5 hands of BJ just because u can't handle loosing. Anybody has been in same shoe? How long should I cool down? Same thing happens in stake BJ and live table games BJ
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