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  1. I am sure I am just a small fish in a tank but recently lost 20k over 2 or 3 different sites. It was just being emotional and doubling after losses on BJ. Obviously not a winning strategy. Any one experienced same? How much time did you guys take off after that? I evened out at one point recovering 10k but it just took 1 fruit party bonus buy 3x pay out to get tilted. Smh
  2. I am still grieving. I had 6k win this week. Didn't cashout plus lost my additional 2k . I hate it because I do it every time trying to reach 6 figure. And some how people can do it but I never get across 10k as I start raging on BJ. It happen in land base casino too 24k and all back plus 10k. Looks like a problem to me. Oo
  3. Hey guys I remember seeing hit the gold promotion and I played for 1 or 2 hrs and I am sure I hot 2 or 3 bonuses which paid definitely over 40x Is there anyway to get that bet I'd and multiplier screenshot? It was made probably on Sunday and I have 10s of thousands bets after. Can I find it on bet achieve or anything or should I just forget about it and move on? Lol Thanks in advance (Just started being active in forum) Feed back will be appreciated.
  4. casino:45946779737 Same bet in crypto just incase if it is close call. My first post . Hope I win!
  5. Can investor be successful gambler or can successful gambler be good investor? My gambling habits keeps me going all in all the time which is not safe if you trading stocks or options! What do you guys think?
  6. Why i am not able to reply on that 1500 challenge? Do I need to get verified or something?
  7. Whats the game that usually gets you tilted even though you just start betting for fun? Mine is san quentin and Gems bonanza. Some times madam destiny. Madam I did 26 bonus buys once averaging 80$ all paid *%&###. Lol
  8. How much stake might be loosing on that? I bet on last 2 promotion both got money returned! I am sure the sportsbook won't be generous enough for him! How much money they might be loosing on that! Any thoughts?
  9. Since I found about speed and cost of litecoin transaction I havent touched any other coins to be honest! What do you guys think? Eth is fast too but man those gas fees and other fees are terrible
  10. I just found out about challenge room and wondering why such requirment! Any OG can spot a light?
  11. I enjoy blackjack the most. But sometimes it pulls unexpected hands
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