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  1. personaly i hope for xrp too, but counting for btc i dont think it will reach over 15k anytime soon
  2. playing with good balance, makes limbo perfect for race, yes there is that house edge, but its easier to hit 1.01x on limbo then it is on dice looking from my side, so i would always choose limbo or crash to take down a race.
  3. usually i do 20-30 bets with 1 doge chasing 1mil multiplier, but still no luck , max i had was around 10k
  4. i cant Believe this payout :OOO that is sooo insane.. 200 etoshi to 10 etherium. wow. good job man and enjoy your winnings!!!
  5. from now on ill do it with everything i got, atleast 500k rolls, we shall see how will that go, im suprised on this win, ill aim that i get 2 ethers, or 0.15 btc
  6. by the book you should double only 10/11 but i double it on 9 and 8 of course if dealer have 5-6-7 if he have 8 and i have 9 i always double and so on, but still that will not make you profitable with a bit of "luck"
  7. i guess playing video poker and blackjack makes no sence, atleast not on this system. blackjack is impossible to win same as videopoker , ive spent days and days on it, with different strategies and ofc that is my personal opinion, only game where you can make profit are those 2 for me atleast and all lead to faliure, so keep to roulette,dice etc :)
  8. Leonida1

    Mobile Games

    well i was playing homescapes for a long time, but then ive lost my account somehow and i couldnt get it back so ive stopped playing it. currently im playing only Lords Mobile, ive been playing it over 2 years and now its must be, play it daily, check it hourly like a part time job as im big now and i cant afford to lose my troops because im not p2p hehehe
  9. well that depends, on dice i love animation, helps me chose the high or low, same as on roulette but, on some games like keno i hate it :)
  10. Stake username:leonida1 Numbers: 2,8,17,22,25,28,31,33,37,40