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  1. @Steve im number 100 support told me to tag you and post ss
  2. Cupon not working??? Link to post : https://mobile.twitter.com/leonmarijancic/status/1221072343830798348
  3. Good video Haha blackjack tipped you Leonida1
  4. Hey welcome to stake forum i hope you Will enjoy it and be active
  5. Well you Will maybe rank UP with less risk, but iz Will take you more time because you need to wait for result
  6. Well every where you need luck and its always clear who have a bit of advantage, but that does not mean pick with advantage Will always win thats why you need luck
  7. Yeah its a bit hard to use stake on mobile and see everything it should work on it alot more..
  8. I didnt know its that low chances to hit 60 free spins, i had it couple of times but never pay anything great biggest u had was on 30 fs and it was 5 scatters in fs that only was 1500x
  9. On this blackjack you can lose all Day long, its insane if you want fair chances to win dont play blackjack here, rather go dice or limbo even slots are easiet to win
  10. Just need around 0.005 make 100k sats profit and do dice 1.02 Inc on loss 2% and refresh when you are on double basebet, when you lose profit make again 100k ok some game (i would use crash) and repeat
  11. Hahaha that Will be like purge just needs to be 24h once a month Hahaha lets clean this nice chat with baaad stuff
  12. Just changing server hash untill you get a winning one that is how i do it