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  1. depends on my balance, if i have enough i leave it open and put some auto strategy that i hope it wont bust while i sleep that is what most people do probably
  2. that is actually pretty good hit, max i had was around 150x once. but you really need to get extreme lucky to win that kind of x on slots.
  3. Leonida1

    League of Legends

    I play league of legends ! im actually really good at this game and i am otp fiddlesticks he is just too fun and just op to carry games in solo Q ive reached diamond 3 in season 4, sadly then had a break of 2 years and just recently i started playing for real again. im on eune anyone else playing in eune?
  4. in whole history of me playing dice (couple years) ive seen max 4 red strikes on 1.01x and just couple of times, never seen more then that or heard someone that had 5 :L
  5. they are great when they are hot of course, but scatters in my opinion is too hard to get payouts are too low. only worth playing it on 9lines and less, sad but true
  6. we all figured out this idea sucks,,
  7. hey all, i was just thinking wouldnt it be nice if stake would make a whole new bet tab with Big HR or huge HR insane HR or something like that, and that you would not get flame, you would get some crazy face instead of just flame, lets be honest highroller tab is on every site and its outdated we need something new and Cool
  8. as long as there is a way to remove max button that makes no sense, if you dont want to accidently press max then just disable it, if you keep it enabled and you clicked it by "mistake" well its your own fault lets say that option is a confirmation you want max bet
  9. max i had was around 16 or 17 i dont renember and it was on dice 2x, with changing high/low on feeling but didnt double or anything so it was not such a win because i played with small amount but still 17 is 17x
  10. honestly i dont even look at it i just play in way i hope i will win, vip is something extra that comes with it im on 75% to gold btw
  11. well whoever thinks he is going to make money off gambling is addict. but yea i take everything seriously so even a gambling, i seriously gamble untill i finish to 0
  12. you just need to be lucky, everything is possible for instance i made from 0.002 ltc to 40 ( yeah i busted it same day) but it was quite fun, i shared like 2 ltc in chat and all in all just a bit of luck and risk and you will get there after enough tries
  13. i am really not sure, but i was disapointed this week, with silver medal and nice wagered amount i got like 30-40k and last week i had 400k cupon