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  1. trisha22

    Have you ever played at work?

    sometimes when I am alone in the office the temptation is big... What about you ?
  2. stake:trisha22
  3. good luck stake:trisha22
  4. trisha22

    Playing Bitcoin or Ethereum?

    I prefer bitcoin because if ever a win need to find an exchanger to cashout in atm here.
  5. trisha22

    FIFA championship music vids

    thanks for sharing
  6. trisha22

    Dice x1909 won 0.02

    Wo congrats huge win
  7. trisha22

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    is this game finish?
  8. currently watching arrow
  9. trisha22

    Anyone taking any vacations in 2018?

    Ill be visiting palawan a very good place here in the Philippines , you guys google it so you can have information about Palawan.
  10. trisha22

    Blackjack, Better Odds?

    Let me start by saying blackjack has never been my game and ive rarely even played it before. If you sat at all the seats on the table, so no-one else could sit down, would it increase your odds of winning? The thinking being, that other people wont play or know the 'book' blackjack strategies/plays Like when someone else sits on the table and they don't play like they should (like standing on a soft 16 and getting rolla mad! ) I know the cards will be whatever they will be anyway, and in effect its trying to second guess what cards are coming, but the blackjack guides for correct play are obviously there for a reason. im just intrigued to know exactly how much of an impact it would have
  11. hmmmm, i think it will not double but will reach 8,000 $ per bitcoin. Goodluck guys keep winning.