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  1. @crynxc It's clearly written "ATP" so WTA isn't included.
  2. DIAMONDS: 38,737,683,143 placed by Enzo8 on 18/03/2021 Wagered 1.00000000 Multiplier 5x Profit 4.00000000
  3. Welcome! Have a nice time here
  4. HILO: 35,986,180,423 placed by Enzo8 on 10/02/2021 Wagered 0.00002223 Multiplier 17.6623x Profit 0.00037040
  5. MINES: 35,905,685,693 placed by Enzo8 on 09/02/2021 Wagered 0.00996031 Multiplier 83.1981x Profit 0.81871833 MINES: 35,905,762,614 placed by Enzo8 on 09/02/2021 Wagered 0.00996031 Multiplier 44.046x Profit 0.42875191 MINES: 35,905,811,552 placed by Enzo8 on 09/02/2021 Wagered 0.00996031 Multiplier 83.1981x Profit 0.81871833
  6. Parlay: sport:6559372 Coin Toss Result : Heads Which team will win the coin toss? : Chiefs Jersey number of first touchdown scorer : Odd Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt? : No A longest successful field goal : Over 47.5 Which TE will score more Touchdowns? : Kelce Will there be a scoreless quarter? : No Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? : Yes Not including extra point(s) after touchdown, what will the last score be? : Field goal Will the game be tied at any point after 0-0? : Yes Will anyone other than Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes attempt a forward pass? : No Will Antonio Brown score a Touchdown? : Yes What will the first turnover be? : Interception Which team will commit the first accepted penalty? : Chiefs How many interceptions will be in a match? : Under 2.5 Which QB will have more passing yards? : Mahomes Will any QB throw over 350 yards? : Yes Which quarter will have the most points scored? 2nd Will there be a touchdown scored by the defense? : No Will the final play of the game be a quarterback kneel? : Yes Tie-breaker: What will be the total amount of points scored by both teams? : 65
  7. I'm not playing since a long time and placing more sports bets than playing casino, here are my (small) stats
  8. Enzo8

    Console for gaming

    It depends if you choose the digital version or no
  9. Enzo8

    Console for gaming

    PS5 is better than a PS4 for sure, but as a choice I would suggest to get the now Xbox, it seems more powerful
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