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  1. I could get you there in ten minutes man. If you got 50-100 bucks just throw 5 dollar bets on with 98% and change ou every 15. Could also throw a marti condition on there to increase bet on loss by x% where x is the amount lost and then another condition to reset on win. I believe at 98% you’d need to increase base bet by an astronomical amount though like a 250 dollar if my math is correct. having said that if you follow all my tips you can get silver in under ten minutes with 50-100 dollar bankroll. another wager strat I use is limbo 10x target with a .25-50 cent bet with an increase in loss of 2% and a reset on win. This is more of a profit strat imo but it can be the opposite with a bad red streak so be careful but I’ve run this strategy from 1000 Satoshi up to 300 bucks before
  2. Try this. 98%win change the o/u every 5-30 bets 15 I’ve found works best but you gotta make sure that you watch and once the first roll hits below 2 or above 98 you have to stop the auto and put the o/u on the side that was just hit then restart auto and let it go With a 200 dollar bankroll i generally run 10-20 dollars per bet.
  3. Yikes man that sounds like either a bad seed or the over under was just on the wrong end at the worst time…. I had better luck having the over under switch at around 15 bets. I typically can go 2-300 wins before a single loss. when the bet first starts pay attention to the rolls near each end and once the dice hits earthed below 2 or above 98 stop the autobet. If the roll was a loss for you switch the o/u and the switch it back again so it will have 15 fresh rolls on the side that was just hit. If it was a win swap the o/u so that it’s on the side the dice just hit. I do this and have pretty good results. Of course there is always the possibility of a rank seed. I had a couple runs of 9 losses in the first hundred until I did what I just mentioned. I can confidently say I can run this with 200-1 w/l ratio most the time which still isn’t a profit type of strat but works great for quick wager and the rakeback is always nice. my stats will show that the wager is pretty strong Just need your ten posts huh?😂
  4. I lost a lot… I just got platinum and my bonus was 700 +15 dollar daily reload Did you have some success with it? Thanks for the info I’ll give it another go next time I get some money in.
  5. Fair enough but I’m poor, sooooo, I do the best with what I have, you gotta have money to spend (wager) money. couple 1000 xrp bets lost and I’d be homeless. I’m on board with plinko low 8, I didn’t give it much of a chance until today but i was pleasantly surprised with one insane (to me) run I had, however i was also very disappointed with a few others. In the first run I had (hardly a run) i started with a 50 dollar balance and it destroyed me in about 20 seconds, 7 wins 19 losses. Then I changed seeds and wagered through 7,700 dollars in 17 minutes and ended with a profit of 84 dollars. I should add that I started with 50, was betting 5 per ball, and vaulted every time i was up to 100. If I ever have another seed like that I’ll just keep it running but like an idiot I moved on once I got my vip bonus, then I reset my seed not thinking about it. it was one of the best wager moments I’ve had here and ripped 300 bucks in the last few hours trying to re create it 🤢🤮 perhaps my wager is too high for my bankroll? Likely, still trying to find the right happy medium but I tried 1 dollar drops up to 5 and could not get results. Either it was a unicorn seed or I’m just on a shit streak of terrible seeds
  6. No hassle pay if you win is the first obvious reason. But you have to admit, even if you win elsewhere and get paid you’re still drawn back to stake… it’s because of the community, there are no other casinos with a chat quite like stakes which is good and bad lmao. But it’s just more normal here than other places. Go in some of the chat rooms at other casinos and tell me you don’t feel weirdly violated after 5 minutes 😂
  7. I replicated it twice, and I did say in the op that I got lucky while running my guy up to silver, but that alone proves it’s doable. And I got 160 when I reached silver not 50… I got 350 when I reached gold fwiw. lower bets are absolutely a reasonable change to this strategy but like I said in the title of the post, this strategy was meant for a quick wager, not in any way meant for profiting, though I did run it yesterday for about 10 minutes, wagered about 14k and actually had a profit of 17 dollars using 10 bucks a bet. I meant to snap pictures of the details but I forgot, next time I have a bankroll I’ll run it for a bit and post results.
  8. It’s true that will work, it would likely take you 2 years to get to plat if you just play slots though
  9. Not a problem glad to help if it does lol it worked great for me.
  10. Good to hear it man that’s awesome what’s your bet? And how much have you wagered?
  11. You’re welcome, let me know how it does for you.
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