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  1. Maybe you should start by telling us more how u won $700 with $0. And also I'm not sure at 'what you think about it' part, multies on Eddie's stream or bad gambling?
  2. Happy birthday stake! not sure how to join this but I'll post first I think lol
  3. wilberthh damnnnnnnn i hope im not missing out xd Happy Birthday Stake!
  4. Just realize it's badger who posted this lol! sorry for calling you 'man'. I'm not really a fan of blackjack, but I agree on "don't double when the dealer shows 7,8,9, or 10". Thanks once again for posting this, I agree that is the best way to play it.
  5. Nice explanation and information man.. However we can't really predict it. Pure luck!
  6. Unlike other coins, bitconnect is dropping so hard because they are closing their lending and exchange services. It's always a bad idea to invest in a ponzi scheme, but people loves easy money. Not recommended though because it can fall at anytime.
  7. Was about to post this topic but then saw yours Yeah we all know that bitconnect will fall one day and it's happened now (not quire sure, because the creator is making another coin). But the creator is making another coin such as bitconnectX. For sure people will fall to that scheme again. There is an indication that the price will rise again. It's dropping right now because the creator is closing it's exchange and lending services. But their new creation (bitconnectX) will have it's lending and exchange services ( just like bitconnect), and the owner will list bitconnect to that exchange as well. And might list bitconnect to another exchanges! (from what I heard). PS: Just sayin, I'm not investing any money there.
  8. It's kinda confusing eh? I might try it too. Even though this is not my favorite game actually It would be awesome if you can share any trick on plinko too! (if there is any).
  9. I've read about this somewhere. They are not closing but moving right? I heard the reason is because of the electricty fee.
  10. I always pick those numbers too except of 9 and 11. But I rarely play Keno Might be lucky at first, but still, it all depends on luck though.
  11. Probably because it was listed on exchange? I never heard of this coin before. Yeah I think it's not "that" risky if we look into the chart. I just have no interest on it
  12. Such an insane progress made by enjinn. From 0.1$ to 0.4$ in just 3 days, thats really something! Too bad I'm late for the train
  13. Plus Dash is a very fast coin for transaction. This coin is indeed awesome.
  14. House edge will own us eventually, roulette is not good for long term play. If you got profit then thats it, leave it and play anothr game first (usually this worked for me).
  15. This coin exceeds my expectation, didn't expect it to be this good. As kucoin is getting more popularity right now I think this is the right coin to invest in. I've been waiting for the price to drop a bit but it keep rising