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  1. Just realize it's badger who posted this lol! sorry for calling you 'man'. I'm not really a fan of blackjack, but I agree on "don't double when the dealer shows 7,8,9, or 10". Thanks once again for posting this, I agree that is the best way to play it.
  2. Nice explanation and information man.. However we can't really predict it. Pure luck!
  3. It's kinda confusing eh? I might try it too. Even though this is not my favorite game actually It would be awesome if you can share any trick on plinko too! (if there is any).
  4. I've read about this somewhere. They are not closing but moving right? I heard the reason is because of the electricty fee.
  5. I always pick those numbers too except of 9 and 11. But I rarely play Keno Might be lucky at first, but still, it all depends on luck though.
  6. Plus Dash is a very fast coin for transaction. This coin is indeed awesome.
  7. House edge will own us eventually, roulette is not good for long term play. If you got profit then thats it, leave it and play anothr game first (usually this worked for me).
  8. This coin exceeds my expectation, didn't expect it to be this good. As kucoin is getting more popularity right now I think this is the right coin to invest in. I've been waiting for the price to drop a bit but it keep rising
  9. The price will drop again for sure. It's rising up too much already. By the way, do we need to verify ourselves in order to do trading in kucoin exchange?
  10. Seems like it's promising. I'll leave my post here first, will read it later. Price is currently $1.06. Also don't forget to put clean ref link, not just your referral link
  11. For me, PUBG is better.. It's just that PUBG isn't a free game. Beside, the prizepool for PUBG tournament is huge.. I think it's better to play PUBG rather than fortnite.
  12. I don't think it has any benefit though. Not all of them active, but mostly are. One of them at 76 posts, one at 85 posts, and the others are at 19+, 29+ 39+.
  13. IS forum referral count? I have 12 forum referrals now, I don't know what can I get from forum referrals though And my stake referrals remains the same (16 only) currently
  14. Yeah or even x300 would be awesome if someone can hit 10/10 on keno. I've seen a lot of x1000 on plinko, but never seen x100 on keno yet
  15. I bet soccer mix parlay many times, even though I'm not good at all in this sports betting But the best sport to bet for me is esport of course. And it's super fun!!!
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