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  1. Litecoin Cash

    The name is a bit cool, although I don't really know what is the usage of it beside of fast transaction and low fees (which, of course, nano is better). Still, crypto is all about hype and FOMO. MIght get some of it. Thank you for sharing!
  2. In 2018 - bitcoin for $ 40,000

    in my opinion $40k per bitcoin might happen. The question is just ..... "when will it happen"
  3. Anonymous bitcoin buyer buys $400m worth of btc

    just wanna say that's sweet..
  4. GokuHF Live Stream | Contest | OffTheBus

    I'll be there to accompany you, my love.
  5. Airdrop or Bounty?

    Bounties are more profitable. Although it all depends on luck
  6. [HOT ICO] Ucash

    Too bad no more! you can get 500 ucash easily before which worth roughly 40$+ right now.
  7. [HOT ICO] Ucash

    Wooho! Congrats for those who joined this airdrop
  8. First Time Ever!

    Forbers releases first cryptocurrency rich list! Average age of the list is 42, a whole 27 years younger than Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans at 67. Crypto is getting ahead!! Read more about this news here : http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/startup/forbes-releases-first-cryptocurrency-rich-list-chris-larsen-at-the-top-2503329.html
  9. Bitcoin in 2018 will be $50,000

    Possibly. Not sure if bitcoin could reach $50k this year though. Maybe in the next 1-2 years.
  10. Should I buy xlm or xrp?

    It's between XLM and XRP, not XMR and XRP. ----------------------------------------------------------------- As for me I'll pick XLM over XRP, both are fast in transaction but I prefer XLM
  11. LINE Exchanges

    Many of you here must have heard about LINE before. Yes, it's the biggest Japanese chatting platform and it's the biggest one in my country as well. Read more about it here : https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/02/line-launching-cryptocurrency-exchange/ Could this be the next top 5 exchanges in the world?
  12. Havven Airdrop! (Few days more to go)

    Registered using your referral link. Thank you for sharing sis!
  13. Tether?? hmm not so sure about that. For short term I'll pick xrp and tron of course.
  14. Short term loans

    LOLL omg sorry didn't realize that should I delete this? I Left you a feedback by the way. It's really good to have you around!
  15. Short term loans

    Heya lupan, I'm cancelling the loan I asked before. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- By the way, so, I asked for 90k loan before which is roughly $7,7 now and since I'm out of bitcoin, I had to pay you with altcoin. I sent out 0.5 Acc + 9 Cred which worth roughly $12.16 right now. Feel free to check the address you sent me before in etherscan to verify this transaction. Thank you! Please confirm this. Thank you! EDIT: You might be confuse about how to check it, here, I attach the picture of your address And this is it! Thank you