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  1. 25 card streak :-) and huge payout

    x429??!! Damn! That is indeed an awesome multiplier bro. Goodluck further and hit even higher than that!
  2. Quality of sleep VS quantity

    Both are correct I think.. Sometimes I sleep for over 8 hours and still feel tired, but sometimes I feel fully rested / charged just with 5-6 hours sleep time. But I was happy at that time. Could it be because of our mind?
  3. New member!!!

    Welcome to stake.com the best online casino (except the plinko) Goodluck here and I hope you win a lot have a great day!
  4. Best site to earn satoshi?

    Doing some campaign at bitcointalk.com is the best way to make btc (for me). Consistent earnings if you are diligent. Before (2-3 weeks ago), there was a site that will give u 25k satoshis for each news retweeted or shared by you (on social media), and 125k each week if you put the same picture as their logo on your social media profile. Good old day..
  5. Whats worked for you? 

    Plinko high risk 8 pins used to be good for me. I can make like 10k to 1mil many times with this pins before. But well, everything changed ever since fire nation attack.
  6. which game are you obsessed

    I'll say even though I hate plinko to its core, I still can't if I don't play it... It's just sooo addicting Simply because I want to hit x1000, x620, x420, x260, etc. Never hit any of it though. Recently I barely hit x4
  7. Eobot : legit cloud mining

    Hey Kargai is this worth it? I registered under your ref link but I don't know if I should depo or not
  8. Favourite Playlist While Playing Stake?

    I don't know it's depends on my mood. But I usually listen to pop songs while playing stake. Or even watch movies while playing stake! Anything as long as it's not quiet
  9. Stake Fantasy Trader | October | Top traders

    Wow congrats winners!! I don't think I'll win November one as well. I'll pick my entries carefully for december fantasy trader once again congratulations!
  10. I want to be a Stake Streamer!!

    Bikini stream??! This sure will attract a lot of people including me. I'll definitely join if you stream one day Go Michelle Go!
  11. What illegal gambling have you tried betting?

    Illegal gambling?? Never play any of it. But long time ago, I always wanted to bet on dogs fight ( I know I'm wrong ).
  12. How Many Hours You Spend Playing in Stake.com?

    I'm working for 12 hours a day and I'm here as long as my working time. Even when I'm poop I'll open this site (at home, with phone). Addicted I guess?
  13. Online Casino Vs Physical(real) Casino

    I went to local casino at least twice or thrice every month.. I love both local and online casino I must say... Both have had given me awesome experiences
  14. Cloud mining worth it?

    That sure doesn't sound too bad if he don't have to pay for the electricity bills. But well I bet he only make a little profit or no profit at all (who knows?). Also ever since kargai mentioning burstcoin, It makes me want to mine that coin also lol well well well
  15. Whats going on with electroneum?

    I've done it before (add secondary email).. Should I do it again? Also seems like I can no longer login inside the site