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  1. code: EOS invested: $40,000 code: Steem invested: $20,000 code: NANO invested: $20,000 code: TRX invested: $10,000 code: ETH invested: $10,000
  2. wilberthh

    The Best Bounty Platform

    We can earn cryptocurrencies from everywhere. Literally everywhere like from doing bounties, selling stuff, and many more. In my opinion, bounty task is the best way to earn some free cryptocurrencies, not just they paid a lot, it is also that we can do as much campagin as we want! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOUNTYHIVE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bountyhive is a bounty platform with a really good web design, easy to use even for newbie like me. The payout from this platform is really nice as well! (bounty pool for each campaign ranging from 255 eth to more than 2800 eth!) For each campaign , you can choose what bounty task you want to apply with, there are more than 6 tasks you can choose : 1. Twitter 4. Translation Bounty 7. Media Campaign 2. Facebook 5. Telegram 3. Reddit 6. Signature Campaign Regarding the payment, I've been here since the first time and never has any issue with it. Their telegram is pretty active as well and you can contact the admins anytime! Interesting right? As for twitter and facebook bounty, all you need to do is just retweet / share, unlike in bitcointalk where you must create posts yourself. Register in bountyhive now : * Ref link : bountyhive.io/r/wilberthh * No Ref : bountyhive.io Thank you for your time and God bless!
  3. wilberthh

    **Deposit** with altcoins

    Heyaa Lupan! Is this still open? do you accept NANO currency?
  4. wilberthh

    Wants to trade 3.986 nano for btc.

    Heya my stake fellows, I have 3.986 NANO to swap for stake balance. If you can provide this please reply to this topic Please tell me how much I would get. Thank you! *PS : I don't mind sending first as long as I know you. Have a nice day!! Regards, wilberthh
  5. wilberthh

    Do you withdraw more or have more deposit?

    Of course deposit more Don't know with the other though, somtimes I think my account is capped rofl
  6. wilberthh

    coeghacked scammer

    So sorry for your loss. But unfortunately since you loaned him privately I don't think admins could help you with it, idk though.
  7. wilberthh

    The History of Bitcoin

    Thank you for sharing this, Kargai! A bit complicated for me but I'll try my best to understand it
  8. wilberthh

    Trump Make his first decision in cryptocurrency

    I think this is a good decision, because in my opinion petro coin is not a decentralized coin and the price is controlled by the government.
  9. code: ETC Invested: 25K$ code: LTC invested: 10k$ code: TRX invested: 20k$ code: BNB invested: 10k$ code: PPT invested: 35k$
  10. wilberthh

    In 2018 - bitcoin for $ 40,000

    Yeah, considering the growth of bitcoin is not as fast as before anymore, I think it won't reach $40k this year either.. but we will never know though. At least two cents are better than 1 cent.
  11. wilberthh

    Litecoin Cash

    The name is a bit cool, although I don't really know what is the usage of it beside of fast transaction and low fees (which, of course, nano is better). Still, crypto is all about hype and FOMO. MIght get some of it. Thank you for sharing!
  12. wilberthh

    In 2018 - bitcoin for $ 40,000

    in my opinion $40k per bitcoin might happen. The question is just ..... "when will it happen"
  13. wilberthh

    Anonymous bitcoin buyer buys $400m worth of btc

    just wanna say that's sweet..
  14. wilberthh

    GokuHF Live Stream | Contest | OffTheBus

    I'll be there to accompany you, my love.
  15. wilberthh

    [HOT ICO] Ucash

    Too bad no more! you can get 500 ucash easily before which worth roughly 40$+ right now.