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  1. Usually 4 codes 2dollars for 2-3k People + one 5-10 dollar for 2-3k People + 7 support members picking 7 People, but The amount depends on vip level and verification, and one time one code Cost 90k to stake, only one code. So yes they can give away even more than 50k
  2. You are forgeting The we have codes and The fórum giveway during The stream, which did not happened, so does not mean triple The raffle will Cost more to stake.
  3. Big streamers taking all The money, put your tinfoil hats on...
  4. The bet thing only works for stake originals, Just take a screenshot and is all good, and paste the bet id as it is.
  5. I don't think that is wrong, my average when I was silver and The same wager. 30-40 usd
  6. I think with The fast growing of stake, we have a lot of more People doing The chalenges, 500 dólar to split for 200-300 is not só good, all other chalenges have at least 1k of prize pool.
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