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  1. " I feel good about winning now" When this sentence comes to your mind, that moment is the best time it's all about gambling But fake feelings makes you big loser, like when you getting drunk Good players save themselves from losing by controlling fake feelings
  2. Breaking Bad was made available on Netflix just before the fourth season premiere 😉
  3. Your profile photo is " Breaking bad". Heisenberg . u dont like that series Shameless , Breaking bad
  4. You can create Stake proprietary token, from BSC (Binance Smart Chain) tokens, as decentralized BSC tokens have better uses than Etherum or other Smart contarct platforms, If a decentralized token is provided by Stake for its financial purposes, which is also in the form of smart contracts, I think it can be of great help to users as well as Stake in terms of usefulness Stake Token From BSC, DeFi (Binance Smart Chain Decentralized Finance )
  5. Limbo 1.8X bet amount 5$
  6. You should never explicitly admit to something that is illegal on a site or in a country, this will easily lead to you being accused without even being asked a question.
  7. Hello, My name is Uldoo and My vip lvl is plt5 And this is my weekly activity how about you
  8. I Lost everything twice and it feels like crap , But this bad feeling makes you better understand of the truth. Makes you find out that material things are not everything, you find out who you really are, you find out who your real friends are, you find out that believing in God really dose help, you find out there are people far worse in the world, you find out that life, love, family, faith and truth mean more than you ever realized, you find that drinking a half of JackDaniel a day doesn't help make it better but it sure makes the bad days go by faster, I grew up a lot when I lost everything, But I never wanted to grow up. How did you feel the moment When you lost a lot of money?
  9. Vodka+Coke , Cristalmeth+Heroin 👌
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