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  1. I would call myself that. I haven’t had a regular job since October and still pay bills. I wouldn’t say it’s any harder or easier than a regular job though. There’s stress and deadlines just like a job. Haha
  2. Very doubtful, the American government is very strict on gambling licenses, there are -no- crypto casinos allowed. Also very few fiat casinos even have a license for online play. Move to Canada! Haha
  3. lmaddox ^^username 🎰🎰🎰 magenta So thrilling, so exhilarating, so………Stake. Join today at stake.com and embark on your journey. 🥇❤️
  4. not a high multi but I was thrilled biggest multi win was recently
  5. Funny you say that, i had just sat down to do that, changed my seed and got 4 rolls in…i wasnt even being serious with the bet i was just messing around lol.
  6. Troll post i know, but this is one way
  7. Lmaddox red SORRY IM LATE! My cat got on my lap….
  8. If stake closed I’d lose my money faster at other casinos with less return to player
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