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  1. I would probably lose some of it back to stake as that’s how casinos work lolol. It’s about the thrill!
  2. Log

    I'm new here!

    Hey there. So excited to have you here. Just a couple of quick pointers try not to use the words print or green in the chat just speaking personally when I see those words come out of someone’s typing fingers I want to shoot them. This is a great community and you’re gonna have a blast!
  3. Before and after wager statistics for the week! Hey it’s lmaddox! Just wanted to give a shout too everyone who played last week. I had a huge couple of days, I went from gold to platinum III in around 72 hours. I love this community, we are weird and fun to be around. You guys rock, I wanted to soft flex because I know everyone can get down trotted with gambling losses, but your luck will most likely change for the better or worse! That’s the fun, some weeks you’re down others your sky high. I wanted to share a few screeners with you guys from my crazy week. Below are som
  4. Offline I dabble in mostly mobile games. I’ve been playing clash of clans for 12 years lol. I also like the Texas hold ‘em games
  5. In my opinion dice is the better choice. I find it very difficult to get 1000 X plus on limbo and when I do try to get it on limbo I get teased with those 70,000x 200,000x. Putting dice at win chance of .09-.01 gives large multipliers and it’s not -impossible- to hit.
  6. SLOTS: 40,052,749,185 placed by lmaddox on 31/03/2021 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 116.7x Profit 0.00011570 stake name lmaddox (LMADDOX)
  7. File was too large but, going at $2.50 bets (paying extra for bonus chance increase) I rolled around 20-30 rolls and then hit a free round and cashed out $597.80. It’s all about luck.
  8. Log

    Real Life Pictures

    Here’s the eye roll after busting another weekly. (lmaddox)(taken few weeks ago to show Uros my hatred for support) (couple years ago when I still had hair and joy) (2010 at 330lbs, the big fella in red)
  9. Yeah anything is possible man. If you got a email with a link for a reload then that’s your bonus, if your email has a link with a one time bonus then that’s what you got. $70k wager is what some people do in a week or less, so keep wagering more and more and your bonus will follow suit! Best of luck.
  10. You need to use the link provided in your email. Some members get a reload instead of a one time bonus.
  11. I think the ability to change your name ONCE should be implemented if possible, and for the first 7 days of your name change your name would appear as the old and new.... example my name is lmaddox on stake and i wanna change it to Log so my name would appear as Log(lmaddox) or lmaddox(Log) for a time period, and as for the bets you could make it permanent to show both names. Make it a one time only opportunity to change the name.
  12. howdy yall, so give this seed a try 9dd5b5da4e on limbo....i know you obviously cant rig the game but this seed for me anyways pops out HUGE numbers often for me within the first 3-25 rolls or sometimes as high as 115-170 rolls but i change the server seed often give it a try and tell me what you think...if you make enough to pay off your car loan shoot me a thanks at username LMADDOX
  13. I sat down to 💩 and hit it within 3 rolls. Lucky for sure, but that’s how I like to do it. Just randomly set $0.10-0.25 and bet at 1,000-20,000 and let it run for ten times or so. If you don’t score try again later. Also (I’m not an expert) but I’ve noticed I hit those big numbers on brand new seeds.
  14. Here’s how you get lucky with a low wager! Yes
  15. Log

    Keno patterns

    Random is good, I look for patterns that I see hitting. It’s random numbers being generated but generally if you see a pattern hit more than twice it’s -almost- guaranteed to hit again. Note that it isn’t always the case, I’ve busted $1,000+ stubbornly hitting the bet button furiously.
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