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  1. I’ve won a collective $120,000 on scarab spin with my largest payout being $32,000 on a 15 round bonus. I’m not bragging, I’m just letting you know that I am not just some typical dude. I love scarab and hate scarab. i play on 3, 2, or 1 line The reason I do that is for the high multipliers and low bets. The more lines you use the less of a multiplier you will receive, 20 lines gives you back more often whereas lower amount of lines may have you going 100 or more spins without even getting a hit, But all you need is one hit to come back to profit. For example, A low bet of only $0.04 on 2 line is placing a $0.02 bet on each line. You stumble upon a base hit of 1500x then you’ve found yourself with $60.00. go up to a $0.10 bet on 2 line, hit a quick little 2000x bam $200. I’m not sure what kind of bankroll you play with but I really enjoy play One dollar or two dollars on 2 line. $2 a spin and you hit a bonus round you’re looking at at least getting a 100 X in there somewhere, freaking dreaming for a 2000x Isn’t that far from unimaginable, it happens pretty often actually.
  2. Log

    The magic seed

    I don’t anymore lol
  3. Log

    Why the rinsing

    Well all of those horrible looking graphs are with the new client seeds after the upgrade. I just do not like that the new default client seeds have special characters in capital letters in them whereas the old version of the website did not. I understand we can change our seed but it’s just very sketchy
  4. Log

    Why the rinsing

    Don’t tell me what to do I can whine all I want 😭 😭
  5. Log

    Why the rinsing

    Also a good reason why I can’t stop playing lol
  6. Yo it’s here with some complaints lol. Look at these graphs man, please fix your seeds or I’m going to end up living in a box.
  7. Delete before they find out lol
  8. Log


    I would suggest using 2-Authenticator next time. Sorry for your loss
  9. I can’t find the bet ID found it in archive but idk
  10. Usually page numbers only get chosen one time so that means the only one user from that page is lucky enough to get chosen. Today my page number was chosen and I was actually the first post on the page, I felt good about it, but ended up not being chosen. This happens and it’s OK I’ve won in the past and I will win in the future, my VIP host was also absent today so my hopes were not too high
  11. My only issue are the client seeds. Stake is now adding capital letters and special characters like “-“ ? I know we can change it, but I’m just curious.
  12. This is actually my roommates cat, but he is my secret best friend.
  13. I’ve been participating since I started Stake in December 2020. I’ve won 1 time as a gold vip, and 2 times as a plat vip. Currently on a losing streak so hopefully I’ll get lucky and be picked soon! Always a surprise and special treat.
  14. lmaddox indigo We miss you Tamara in chat ❤️
  15. Log

    Real Life Pictures

    I tried my best to find my other post but failed so here. lmaddox
  16. Well honestly, what do you need them for that’s urgent? I can send a message to Jelena and within 12 hours or less she responds. Sometimes right away if she’s available, other times a little later. If you have an urgent issue, contact live support. Plan ahead for your reloads, ill shoot jelena a message a few hours prior to it expiring letting her know which option I want for the week. That way there isn’t any delay in the reload being renewed, even if I’m not present at the time.
  17. Someone referred me from a scammy casino elsewhere to stake lol, best thing anyone’s ever done to me
  18. Correct. However, being scammed isn’t entertaining.
  19. Log

    Don't use Cashapp.

    I’ve never had anything held, but I have had 7-8 cashapp accounts closed for tos lol. I just make a new one.
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