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  1. dude your spamming on stake twitter is really annoying. We know now what you think about the Stake, please stop it.
  2. Yes of course but for some reason my phone keeps changing it to watson. Tried it on the laptop now.
  3. That was a really nice surprise yesterday that we got the post monthly. I appreciate the most that in this case every player of stake received a share and everyone got a small or a bit larger piece of the cake. I hope for Watford more wins to come and for us players that Stake gives a bonus to all players and not in like races or raffle tickets. So every player can benefit and not only the high rollers or the ones with tons of time. GOOD LUCK WATFORD
  4. just wondering not judging............ how is it possible then that all in gives more reds than greens and in my case way more reds than greens about 75% reds and 25% greens............................ And no not in my head I start keeping track when I noticed the hugh difference
  5. congratulations hope one day I have the same luck
  6. really hmzz hope they read the rules. I did. "The use of Giveaways / Sweepstakes as a main focus of a subscriber or account holder is prohibited on DLive.
  7. I see in a lot of other casinos that they dont offer weekly and monthly bonus but a lossback bonus. Maybe an idea for Stake.
  8. For me it is normal 1$ per 1000$ wagered sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. That is what I'm counting on so in your case 1500$ I am plat 3 also
  9. chat is dominated by the "chat elite" normal users are being ignored. next to that a lot of beggers, sugar daddy seakers and ass kissers.
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