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  1. He won't read that there is so much going on on those streams I gave up to follow it. But still I think I am treated not correctly. I get very low daily reloads compared to others, where I lost a lot and he won a lot and even is a vip level lower. I think all VIP hosts should give the same to everybody and shouldn't have the power to calculate it manual or give us at least an explanation how it is calculated. mystery unraffled talked to Steve now I am adoptable for other hosts.
  2. and how much do you want to receive for the cashing in ?
  3. I already emailed support jan 10, till now no answer. What a disappointment. No one from Support or VIP hosts reached out to me. I'm good to deposit money and loose but when I have a serious request no one is home. Very sad........................
  4. I'm a gambler and supersticious. Felt and feels like a bad omen to me and till now since the change I cannot close one week with 1 doge profit......................
  5. When I reached plat 1 I was assigned to one of the Serbian Girls to be my VIP host. Everything was well till early this year I was reassigned to a new VIP host. One of my Stake friends got the same VIP host and was really enthousiastic. He even got 5$ welcome gift from the new host. I was transfered two hours later and guess what.......... no welcome gift. It are not the 5 bucks but the way I am being treated that made me suspicious already. So since I think a player must be able to trust her VIP host and I didn't I asked my previous VIP host what to do to transfer to another host. That w
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